Thursday, December 29, 2011


So there is something on my mind.......
I've been thinking about my blog the last few days and I'm sort of sick at myself. One, that I'm missing out on capturing all the things that make my kids unique and Two, the simple daily things that I'm almost guaranteed to forget.
I remember updating my blog almost every day. Almost.
Now I'm lucky to do it twice a month. That's not like me, and I don't want it to be me.
Life moves fast enough as it is and I'm just trying to keep up, I don't want my blog to go by the wayside. Since I'm writing this and voicing my concern, that means my goal is to make it more a priority.
Yes, I've said something like this before, but you know, this is important.
I've slowed way down on checking out status' or playing games on Facebook, even my Pinterest addiction has slowed a bit.
Of course throwing your back out and being unable to sit at the computer has helped put some things into perspective.
In my mind I picture a movie where the kids are all screwed up emotionally until they read mom's journal and know how much mom loved and cared for them and what was going on in her head.
Now this is extreme thinking, because my kids know how much I love and care for them because I tell them so quite frequently.
No matter what, we screw up our kids, its just a fact, no way around it. Sorry went off on a tangent.
If, for some reason I'm never able to complete all those scrapbook pages that are rolling around in my head, that will be OK. I have the memory down on my blog, which will hopefully be printed out yearly :)
short ending to a long story. I'm gonna fight to keep my blog up to date and challenge myself to do better with it.
As I re read this post I thought of something... a challenge to you. If you have my phone number and haven't seen me post in more than three days, text me, be more support system and keep me motivated.
Love to all,

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