Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good morning beautiful world
The dawning of a new day brings so many possibilities.
So far today:
Helped get everyone ready to go to school, and caught Kelly stealing some of Dad's chocolate truffles to put in her lunch bag.
I randomly pulled the car over to take some pictures of this mornings sunrise that at first I thought was gonna be blah...yeah, turned out gorgeous
Got to school with the promise to the kids that the dogs could ride with us in the morning.
Came home uploaded photos and sent some to my favorite news station KVOA channel 4, and of course to my homies on Facebook.
Does anyone still use the term homies??
Anyway, I filled up the sink with some very hot water and added some bottles to start soaking off the labels and then wrangled Chelsea into getting ready to go on an errand.
Now I'm back home, I've scrubbed off some labels and now decided that I better blog before I let another day pass.
Its only 10:30. I wonder what things are in store for the rest of the day?

Last night we headed to my liquor bottle supplier to pick up the empties and they had quite a few bottles for me. I talked again to one of the owners and she wants pictures of what I'm doing with them. So now I need to print out the photos of the ones I've already done and complete some more and get photos of those too.
Rob, myself and the owner all have these ideas for what we might do with the bottles, and how they can be used in the restaurant. I just need to get the hardware and ink for the printer to complete two more of our ideas. To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

You know, I've been looking at bottles that might work better. They are smaller, so maybe better for handling, just need to check prices and see if we can get any of them some where. Anyways, I think this is great, gets your mental juices going.

Love the pictures, this one is beautiful. I have to admit, outside of some sunsets near the sea, ours can't be beat.
Carry one kiddo....

ma (nina)