Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I said the other day that the weekend was predicting plenty of cloud cover and I had hoped it would make for some beautiful sunsets.
 You have already seen this first photo. Well I posted it onto my favorite local news station and thankfully my friend Julie commented because I would have never known the accolades that people posted. I had tears in my eyes.
Its nice to know that when your out in the chilly air, praying that the light will go that gorgeous red/pink that you can capture it just right. Each night when I would pack it in my fingers would be stiff and cold and I would hope it looks as good on the screen as I see it on the camera display.
 This photo I never sent to the news because frankly it didn't live up to my vision. I will head back to the drawing board and try again.
See I live about 1-2 miles from the famous airplane bone yard, and not once have I really tried to get a picture of it. Well Saturday night, Rob was selling firewood and told me to come on out. We sat and watched the sky turn colors as I kept changing where to take the picture. We finally reached the conclusion that I need to be higher or in a completely different spot. Still, the sunset was beautiful.
On Sunday night, I told Rob that no matter what I had to go out to see how the sky was shaping up. I tried a new location and while it wasn't bad, I can find better. I really need a wider lens though...hint...hint..
This last photo I posted to the KVOA Facebook page I found out the next morning from my friend Annette that they showed that photo on the 10 o'clock news. Sadly, we were sound asleep at 9:15pm. and they didn't show it the next morning either. Oh well, it brings me such joy to know that some people like my pictures and keeps me motivated to keep going out and improving.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous,I love these pictures. Your getting a very discerning eye here, and its quite interesting to see you expanding your dimensions. This last picture has so many its not funny. Tucson has some of the most beautiful sunsets ans rises I've ever seen and I get to see them through you, so thank you.
Keep it up kiddo