Thursday, January 05, 2012

 Here is a look at the decor I put on the wine bottles for my sister in law. This is something I'm going to try and sell at craft fairs this year.
Now I know I won't get rich but it's a lot of fun just collecting the bottles and then trying to decide what to put on them.
I found one shop on Etsy that is selling these for $15 and that's not including shipping. My thought was to sell them for $7 to $10. We will see.
I have green wine bottles and clear wine bottles and I also have liquor bottles, Jim beam, volska vodka, touaca rum. I have a few specialty bottles that I'm saving for another project. I saw on Pinterest that you can use the Patron bottles as oil lamps. Some of my bottles will be used around my back yard for tiki lamps and I'm thinking of doing a bottle tree. Some of my clear bottles I'm going to try coloring them with alcohol ink or colored mod podge. We shall see.
Rob is giving me some hell cause the patio is starting to fill up with all these bottles. What I'm trying to get him to understand is that I need more! Some bottles will hopefully be sold off, some will go to mom and her holiday decor and other will stay here for our indoor/outdoor decor.
I'm just having fun collecting the bottles.
I'll have to redo the pictures of mom's bottles. She choose for her soap bottle a Hornitos liquor bottle and it's big too, her bottle choice for olive oil was a smaller Jim beam.

My other project is to work on my photography and carefully select some photos that our family thinks would sell well as greeting cards.
Again, I don't expect to make millions of dollars, its just something fun to do, make new friends and contacts and hopefully make enough $$ to buy more supplies.

 Switching gears, Rob finally made me one gallery shelf that we cut into two 4ft shelves from the plans found on Ana Whites site. Now I just need to decide where they are going to be placed because, once put up Rob is refusing to move them. I'm hoping that I will like them enough to ask for more. I was thinking of using them in the hallway. I can't imagine how many photos I'm going to be able to put up. I have spray painted several frames that I need to find photos that will go with them and then get 'em on the wall. Good bye brown and black and hello a riot of color. I even mentioned to Rob that we need to replant some of our orchids and that I plan on painting all the pots first. Rob just rolls with it, he's awesome that way and if he thinks I'm going a bit crazy he will gently rein me in without hurting my feelings.
So the other day we were over at my brother Mike's for his birthday, as we pulled up I saw the light making this cactus glow. I didn't have my tripod but I think I got a pretty good shot. I need to get one where it glows even more in the evening light or maybe in silhouette where it blocks out the sun.
All the things that I'm working on.
Happy Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

A bottle tree....I really like that idea. They use these alot in Greece and other places in Europe, quite popular. In fact I really like the idea and can visualize one in my back yard. Hey to you remember the movie Mama Mia, she had one in her yard, so yea go with that idea, I think its super.

I love my bottles, they add an extra something to the kitchen. With my kitchen being down home country, well they work, and thats all that is important.

Important: Remember the names of those web sites. When you are selling something you can show price comparison....good marketing plan.

Have fun daughter, look forward to seeing more of your projects.