Wednesday, February 01, 2012

dang nab it, I almost did it again.
I could have sworn I blogged the other day but I must have forgotten.
Trying to stay up on things, of course it might go to hell in a hand basket because I'll be going back to work for tax season next week.

This shot looks awfully familiar but I took it yesterday. It was liked on Facebook but not well enough to put it on the news this morning.
Oh well.
Rob has been on vacation this week, and we have been running around, get little honey do jobs finished. Tuesday was his 41st birthday and one of the things that he has been wanting is something I don't think anyone would guess in a million years.
The man has wanted a YUDU on and off for the last two years. He was very bummed when I was a demonstrator that it wasn't one of the tools I received in my kit. He has talked about making shirts and all these designs are running around in his head. I think his first project is to make some shirts for our home church with our logo on them and there has already been talk about making shirts for the church when we do the Easter egg hunt.
This post is really disjointed and I'm tired so if I remember I will post again before the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Whats that saying...time is like sand in an hour glass, goes by so fast. I'm lucky if I can stay on top of things and i don't have three kids to juggle.

This last week has been non stop, so don't give yourself a kick yet.