Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I know the world has already rehashed the Superbowl and I'm late to the party but I just have to put in my two cents.
We headed over to my brother's house to watch the game.
Mom and Mikey were rooting for the Patri-idiots, OK I'll be nice, the Patriots and Rob and I were rooting for the Giants.
All the normal razing was going on. Mikey calling Eli, baby Manning and I was calling Brady a egotistical peacock.
I must say its the one time of the year that I don't 
want to get up even to use the bathroom because the commercials are just as good as the game.
And it was a great game.
Shortly after the second quarter started, Amanda arrived with a couple of pizza from NYPD and man were they HUGE.
I mean look at the size of that pie compared to the guys' hands. HUGE!
We chowed on pizza and moms baby shit dip.
One of the commercials actually had the guys leave to run up to the store. Rob and Mike were on their

 last beers and the commercial came on for Bud Light Platinum. Right after the half time show they went up and grabbed a six pack of bottles from the gas station. Both guys really liked the taste and agreed to forever skip regular Bud Light for the Platinum. Men.
Me, I want the blue bottles, and if you read my blog you know why.
I was telling my friend LaDonna about the beer and her step dad went out and got some and they are saving me the bottles. Love it. Oh and he likes the beer too.
Anyway, I think this is the first time we have actually run out and bought something because of
advertisement within an hour of seeing the commercial.
Madonna did a pretty good half time show but I'm in it for the game and commercials. My absolute favorite was the one for the Voice with Betty White, oh and the M&M's. I love a commercial that can make me laugh or tug at my heart strings, aka the Budweiser Clydesdale's.
And so, the kids ran around like crazy, we cheered and jeered at each others teams,  and did some crazy dances whenever the Giants did anything exciting. I'm pretty sure I held my breath those last 57 seconds waiting to see if the Pats were going to score but it didn't happen. In all honesty the Pats really didn't have their act together and you can't blame it on the fact that Gronkowski wasn't at 100%.
So back to the real world, football season is over till August and Sundays will become open to do whatever we want as a family.


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Anonymous said...

You know, I just love getting together as a family, even if we were rooting for opposite teams. It was fun being together.

As for my Pats, yea they were definitely not up to par, can't figure out why but it was just off.

The beer is great and I'm a big Bud Light fan, but I absteined, because of having to drive. I know I'm just 3 miles down the road but with my luck a cop would be sitting and catch me... so I'll just wait and have a few while at home.

In closing.....just wait till next fall, my hope will be a return to the Patriots being better than they were at the superbowl.

And yea, gotta love the commercials
they are better than the game sometimes....

Love you all