Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This morning after a bit of bad luck, which LaDonna and I are now calling it the curse of Art.
Sounds so vague doesn't it?
This morning after dropping off the kids at school, and trying to drive the 2 mile distance down the street to work, the van broke down.
Like dropped gears, no go, shudder and die, had to be pushed off to the side of the road, died.
One of the perks of working at the office is that I get a discount at Ventana Automotive, but even with my discount the number was just too much.
The amount to fix the van is more than what the van is worth.
The car needed a new fuel pump and filter, with towing and everything we were looking at $1000.
Yep, good bye van. The van with the mysterious oil leak and no A/C, you are being retired.
Goodbye my dreams of buying a welder for Rob and a tablet for myself.
We are now on the hunt for a used car,van, truck for $3000.
Oh and what about the curse of Art?
Last year while working at the office the truck broke down. Thankfully that cost less than $300 but the truck has not broken down at all since then. Now, this year I'm driving the van and lo and behold the van breaks down.
LaDonna has worked at the office for 4 years. Each year in June, her phone has had an untimely death due to water, always when Art is out of town.
So due to our yearly troubles we are calling it the curse of Art.
Tomorrow we will go and clean out the van and say goodbye as she is being donated.
Told you the thing isn't worth what it would cost to fix it and the auto shop will take it and call our $125 bill even.
Now I'm praying that God will provide us the best car for the $$ we have. Come on tax return, show up fast.

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Anonymous said...

ok, weird, but with all the issues this van has...nasty oil leak, no ac, and transmission issues, its time to call it a day. Just shoot it and be doen with it, yep, put one right between its headlights.

Ok I know you can't do that, but it has served its purpose for quite some time, and i know you'll find something else.