Friday, May 25, 2012

Last night Rob and I finished filling out the paperwork and this morning I found the kids' birth certificates.
Yep, we're registering at a new school.
It has been a decision long coming. While we have loved the teachers at TAG, there is too much being offered in our local school district.
This coming year Wyatt will learn the recorder and Kelly the guitar. There is an art program, scheduled PE, chorus, track. All the things that Rob and I grew up having that wasn't available at TAG.
Heck, I'm excited about having a cafeteria. The biggest bonus for me is that my kids can walk to school.
I've been worried about Kelly switching schools with only one year till middle school and I realized the other day that I shouldn't be. Kelly is very accepting of people and even though she can be shy she is well liked by her classmates. So making new friends should be good, especially since her friend Madison will be there too.
Wyatt, he's ready for an adventure. He is so easy going and makes friends easily. I talked to Wyatt just a bit ago and he has no worries and is excited about the new school.
We just got back from dropping off the the registration forms and doing a quick walk through the school. Talk about excited. I know this is norm for pretty much everybody but too see them excited about the library and cafeteria/mpr cracked me up. The class rooms are big, I can't wait to see this place filled with kids.


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