Thursday, May 10, 2012

A looong time ago, before our age of children, Rob and I had a pretty garden filled with iris'. The children came along and so did the weeds into the garden. After a while we let it all go. Our yard, our Eden fell apart from neglect.
A month ago, we were given a few plants. Those plants have revived our gardeners hearts.
Yes, we talked about re-doing the back yard garden but I wanted it to be different this time. I talked to Rob about color and art and showed him pictures that I had found on Pinterest. 
I asked him what he would like and it was awesome on how much we both wanted the same things.
We dug up old pots and bought new ones.
In this past month we have exploded with plants.
We have purchased 3 different colors of hibiscus, two types of jasmine, and our first rose bush.
I don't think either of us really understood how much we have missed having flowers around.
Right now our front yard is covered in bright colors, yellows, reds, pinks and lots of green.
Once there were days we would awake and go walk the garden to see what was blooming.
Those days are back.
This time we're doing it better, we have involved the kids.
We are starting our first veggie garden this week and we're letting the kids pick out not only the veggies but the flowers they want to see.
My plan is to buy a plant every payday, to rebuild, to bring in the butterflies and hummingbirds that ignore us for the neighbors yard.
I pray that this is a start to a colorful relationship.


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