Monday, May 14, 2012

Now dang nabbit, I had this cool blog post in mind but then I had trouble finding a picture, grabbed a random one and then Chelsea asked for a snack, now Bella wants to go outside.
My amazing blog post is gone, zip, out of my head.
Now let's see what I come up with.

It was a wonderful weekend. Truly it was. It was a Saturday where Rob didn't have to landscape, so we watered our plants, watched Mathilda with the kids, smoked some ribs, picked up some new magazines and then went to my brothers for dinner with the family.
Mothers Day, I received $$ for mom, she says to buy plants, big cheesy grin, but Rob says I need to save for welding stuff if I want bottle trees. I received a pretty planter and hanging plant from my MIL, and yard spinner from Rob and the kids. Both moms got the same spinner I got but a different color, my MIL gave my mom the same hanging plant that she gave me and my mom gave my MIL a different type of hanging plant. Lots of flowers were exchanged, lol.
After church we took my mother in law to this new U-Like Asian buffet for lunch. She liked it, thank goodness and so did the kids. It was so nice to see them eat and not fuss about whats in front of them. After lunch we came home and chilled for an hour then headed out to get family portraits done.
Did you know we haven't done a formal family portrait since Kelly was 2 months old. Yowsers.
Thanks to my mom who arranged the whole thing. We were in and out in less than an hour. Group shot, individual family shots, grand kids, siblings. The kids did great, so did us adults. Can't wait to update the wall with these new photos.
After the photos we came back to our house to hang out and spend some last minute time together before dad leaves to head back to Michigan.
We snapped some shots of the goodbyes, but I'm not ready to download them just yet. Tomorrow.
Oh, and if that great blog post comes back, I'll update.

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