Monday, May 14, 2012

thank you provo craft for letting me use this picture of the Paisley cartridge.

A little over a week ago I got the bug to go on ebay. Dangerous for me, so dangerous.
In two weeks I have bought 6 cartridges. I'm feeling so inspired, so crafty lately that I'm trying to be proactive about it.
I have been doing my usual and bookmarking things on Pinterest but now I'm ready to get busy.
I don't want to be one of those people that collects items for projects, I want to be one who gets her projects done.
With that in mind, this morning I started a creative to do list. Yes, I know I have done this before, I'm actually staring at my previous list that is taped to the printer.
This one is new and improved, its special...ok, let me think it's special.
I do have one flaw in my special list though... my craft room.This week I will be getting it cleaned up to a semi functional state so that I can begin my creative process.
Oh and if you were wondering what new carts I purchased; Art Deco, Over the Hill, Ribbons and Rosettes, Tablescapes- Spring and Summer, Tags, bags boxes and more 2, and Pretty Pennants. I'm going to be doing some home decorating with the kids this summer. Plus for me it's birthday party season. Chelsea has  asked for me to use the tablescapes cart with lots of hanging, twirly stuff, mixed with party ideas from Pinterest, we're gonna have fun.
I grabbed some magazines on Saturday at J's and M's and the one mag I was the most excited about was the newest issue of Where Women Create. I purchased my first issue last year and it really spoke to me. The colors, the quotes, the brave women whom have stepped out and taken a chance. I love reading about how other women have come to some of the same conclusions that I have and some that have never even crossed my mind. This magazine has spurred my journey on whom I want to be or maybe whom I'm becoming.
Right now my creative list is only 7 items long but there are 7 items on the list that will make a difference around our home. I know once done they will make me happy. :)
I guess I better start another list for all the books I want to read, plus my list for what to do with wine/liquor bottles.
Yep, its shaping up to be a pretty colorful summer. I'm so excited...
Pretty Pennants just came in the mail...yippee!

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Anonymous said...

So Carrie calls me a week ago and says mom, you need to go to and check out the cartridges, see if there are any you like. Well now, Low and behold there is, and the fun starts there. See Carrie and I split the costs of these cartridges and she's getting some good prices, so have at it little girl. We have some more coming in this week and I owe the kid some money. But the fun of getting these is too cool.
For me I have started doing cards again, and getting some ideas about pages.
Wish me luck, you know the sad thing is that it seems scrapping is dying out...with the economy as bad as it is another magazine is biting the dust, a shame.