Thursday, May 03, 2012

This is my morning to relax. My home is the cleanest its been in months and even though I have a room to go, the crap room, I need to take a break for me.
Plus you missed me right?
tap, this on?
Friday morning we dragged Grandpa and the kids off to the zoo.
I must say I'm loving the improvements that have been made and the new animals that we have acquired. Our zoo isn't huge and since we go so often we get through it pretty quick. I believe our 
time this round was an hour and a half. I would love to go one day with no kids and to take my time and photograph all my favorite animals.
Saturday morning was the final Tour of the Tucson Mt's bicycle race. Our little team planned to ride 27 miles and complete it in 2-21/2 hours.
Me and the kids saw them off and wandered around to wait, thankfully I got a closer parking spot in the shade that made things soooo much easier.
 The weather was perfect with just a slight breeze. At about 2 hours the kiddos and I head to the finish
line. Within minutes my phone rings and Rob is suppose to be calling me from the final rest stop so that I can get ready. The call went something like this.
Rob- hey hon
Carrie- How you guys doing?
Rob- we're at the halfway point.
Carrie- Wha?
Rob- your mom is having some problems. (he proceeds to fill me in)
Carrie- Ok, be careful. I'll see you at the finish line.
Half way? at least another 2 hours? We can do this.
The kids and I head back to the shade of the truck to play their Ds' and me to read and browse Pinterest on my phone.
After about 2 hours we head back to the finish line, just as we are about to cross the street a car pulls up next to us with mom on board. Barely able to walk and near tears, she rode 20 miles before they made her stop. I hear more of what happened out on the course. Mom, cute as can be tells me that the guys will be a while because they have eight more miles to ride.Figuring in the length of her car ride and how quick Rob can do a few miles I hotfooted over to the finish line. Let me tell you I got over there just before Rob crossed and a minute after that came their friend Rick.
Now the story of what happened to mom. She had been riding her bike in practice and had told us that she was doing 11 miles at a time. Come to find out her bike computer was set to kilometers instead of miles. She was doing maybe 4 miles at a shot. Out of the bike course mom was also having alot of problems with her seat. At their first rest stop mom fell off her bike, her legs wouldn't support her, whenever they reached another aid station Rob would pull ahead and then help mom to stop so she would continue to fall off. By mile 20 moms legs were numb and her girly area swollen. Mom had ridden 3 times farther than ever before on a bicycle that wasn't completely set up for her. Of course, she was beating herself up for not finishing and we hope she finally understood that 1) most people don't even get off the couch 2) her bike wasn't set up properly 3) it doesn't matter because she amazed all of us 4) there will be other races.
Later that afternoon we had our Girl Scout cookie recognition party at the park. Us leaders talked about how we wanted to present the awards because we didn't want a mess on our hands or awards to get mixed up. After some yummy lunch and cake, we had all the girls get together and handed out their goody bags. Kelly was given her bag and patches for selling 500 boxes of cookies. She was a trooper at all the cookie booths and when we got the boxes for the incentives she helped me separate all them by girl and bag them up for the party. It really has been a great year for her in scouts, heck the best year so far and she is looking forward to another year as a junior. I'm excited to see what next year will bring.

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