Monday, May 21, 2012

Three weeks ago, can that be correct?, we planted our first veggie garden.
Rob started talking about wanting a veggie garden last year but with the yard torn up and him not wanting to try my idea we put it off. Fast forward to this year and Rob starts making noises again and nothing has changed with the backyard.
So being the loving wifey that I am, I went to Lowe's, bought a big kiddie pool and a bunch of dirt and came home and dropped it in the back yard.
When Rob came home from lunch he saw the pile of bags and the pool and smiled.
I told him that after work, we were going veggie shopping. The kids got in on the act also and helped pick out or find certain veggies.
Included in our garden is; corn, zucchini, squash, yellow, red peppers, two types of tomato's and strawberries.
Now please remember, we've never had a garden like this before, so after planting we have been informed that we don't have enough room!
We are gonna do the best we can but one thing Rob has asked is that I take a picture once a week to see how our garden is growing. I must say after 3 weeks nothing has died so that's a plus right?!
Also if all goes OK next year we can transfer the dirt over to our bigger garden and use the pool for something else. Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, am I behind. Decided to check in on the blog and dang it, she's been having one about every week...well!
Now, i can testify that the garden seems to be doing really well, nothing has died or even looks like its thinking of dieing, but then this week we are headed into some hot weather, so lets keep our fingers crossed.
And by the way....they need more room, those plants are going to get big.