Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 Here is the story of the peacocks.
I apologize for the bad photos but you get the idea and I wasn't sure how my flash would affect the birds, it didn't.
One of the nice gentlemen that worked at the monastery told us after dinner on Saturday night that around sunset the peacocks put on a show.
Every night around sundown all the peacocks would come over to this wall, one by one they hopped up to this wall. Then he said it was like a pecking order each one would fly up into the huge tree in the meditation garden.

At first all of us women waited but as it got darker and the birds were just walking around most of the ladies gave up and went back to our rooms.
I think the peacocks were waiting for us to thin because shortly after they began to fly up to the wall and then fly up into the tree.
I had know idea peacocks did this.
All of a sudden you would hear this whoop, whoop like a helicopter blade and then the bird was on the tree, or you would hear them flying up to higher branches.
It was just so cool and not something everybody gets to see.
The next morning I went on another walk about because I had a few pictures that I really wanted before we left for the day.
As I was nearing the meditation garden I looked up and there were still a couple of peacocks and peahens in the tree!
How cool!
I'm hoping that sometime this fall, when it gets a little bit cooler to take the kids and Rob to explore.
I remember years ago, before kids, Rob and I would go on road trips and we would pass this place, a place I only knew from the 70ft cross you could see for miles. To know that you are free to explore and appreciate their beauty is awesome.

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