Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's the second wettest July on record but can you believe that its the first one I was able to photograph? And I almost decided not to go out and shoot.
Thanks goes to my children for driving me crazy enough that I looked over at Rob and said, "I'm gonna go shoot."
So glad I did.
My main priority is to be safe and once I was trying to find the storm I realized I didn't have a lot of time to get far enough away.
Granted this storm was miles away but lightning can strike up to 30 miles away.
I pulled up next to the airplane graveyard and got out, watching the sky, set up and got two shots. The second one made me nervous enough that I packed up and drove further east.
On Houghton rd, I pulled over by some dieing saguaros and tried to take a picture standing in the back of the truck. The wind was blowing enough to rock me so this second picture is kinda cool with the crisp lightning and the double exposed cactus.
I jumped down from the truck, set up again and hit the shutter button. I was just about to release it when I got this bad boy. My favorite of the group.
I was feeling like the storm was headed right for me so I scooted down the road to get a little more south.
The bad part about driving farther down Houghton is that there isn't any saguaros to help your composition.
That's where I took this zig zag, down here.
It was also the last bolt of the storm.

Looking back over my lightning photos from the last couple of years my best ones came from storms in August and September. My monsoon season isn't over yet!


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Anonymous said...

I think my favorite picture is the third clouds and I just like it.
So there is a possibility of more storms this weekend...I'll keep my fingers crossed.