Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Saturday a group of 12 kids from on church came back from Fuge camp in Glorietta NM.
I was asked to "sponsor" one of the girls that went. Sponsoring is my way of saying that I provided a care package filled with goodies and inspiring cards for everyday she were there. I also had to connect with my young lady and pray with her before she went.
Oh and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture of the cards I made.
I wonder if she kept them? I'm gonna ask.
Anyway on Sunday the kids came back all filled with Holy Spirit and just charged from the camp.
One young lady in particular really caught my eye. Normally she is standing there watching everyone as they sing during worship. She doesn't usually smile and I don't think I have ever seen her sing. This time she was standing on a chair rocking out with this huge grin on her face.
Now most people would be totally aghast with standing on a chair during service but if the good Lord led this young lady, I say You Go Girl!

After services I was talking to her mother, and told her what I saw and how I wanted to tell her daughter how awesome she was but I was afraid of how it would come off, so I said I would send her a card. Her mom and Rob encouraged me to tell her but I wasn't confident enough and when I mentioned the card she said that was a fabulous idea because that is her daughters language, that she also sends her daughter notes.
With that in mind, me being me, I procrastinated a couple of days but yesterday I knocked this card out. I must say this is one of my favorite cards I've done. It's all my idea, not scrap lifted and one that I'm very happy with.

This card also represents my idea from a YEAR ago about using all my cricut cartridges. Considering that my cartridge number is now over 170, I better get my butt in gear.
This card used Nifty Fifties for the background, Rock Princess for the young lady and Phrases cart for the You Rock.

Oh and I forgot, yesterday afternoon I found out that I can download my cricut handbooks to my Kindle Fire! Oh yeah, baby. I spent most of the evening downloading handbooks from the library and then going into the shopping area to download the digital handbooks. Now I just need to go through my list and see what handbooks I'm missing and the ones that I waiting for cricut to update. To find out how to download the books just google it, there are lots of videos.

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