Friday, July 13, 2012

 I posted on Facebook last night that since I've had no lightning to chase I'll be hunting the hawks.
Last evening the pair were in my neighbors pine tree and then in this dead one. I was cruised over and at one point one of the hawks started making their noises and they met in the air in the middle of our road and you could see the mouse clutched in one of its talons.
Last night I was telling Rob that I needed a faster lens to get better pictures.
Just to clarify, I have the 75-300 you know the one that is only like $200? It is slower than molasses unless that is what your taking a picture of :0
We started talking about which type of lens I would need and the cost. HAHAHA! I don't see buying a new lens anytime soon unless we win Publishers Clearing house.
Plus, if I could buy a new lens, it would be a debate over a long lens, ultra wide or macro and lately I'm leaning toward the macro. I will continue to make due with what I have and do the best with it as I can.
So I will continue to follow this bird family and hopefully get some awesome shots.

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