Sunday, August 26, 2012

This shade of hibiscus is called Spin the Bottle, just FYI.
Have you every done a simple action that the reaction was greater (positive) than what you were expecting?
On two occasions this morning that happened to me.
Last night I cut out some vinyl for Wyatt's raingutter regatta boat to put on the sail and it turned out really well. Anyway, I also cut out a couple of crosses from the New Testament cricut cartridge. I applied one to my journal, because I kept getting the front and back confused, and the other I thought we could put it on the back of our truck. Rob saw it and said he wanted to put it on his journal. It received rave reviews from the people who saw it.
I decided to go take a quick picture of them.
Rob's cross is done in yellow and I'm in lime green.

I was thinking about crafting and time this morning and I was doing my best not to berate myself because I didn't do all that I wanted yesterday. I made a choice to watch Storm Chasers on Netflix instead. I started to think about my goal from over a year ago where I said I wanted to use each of my cricut cartridges. I haven't done very well with that goal and I have accumulated more cartridges since, go figure, huh!
I'm issuing myself another challenge. One to use my time more wisely and two, use these darn carts! I have some awesome images that can produce some beautiful home decor, cards, scrapbook pages, etc. Also I have bought some back issues of Cricut magazine and they have inspired me to craft more. Now I just need to break through and get busy.
I feel like I say this every few months but now its more of you HAVE to do this, and its not in a negative way at all. This is said in a more, this is who you are, amazing things happen when you create, and its part of your path.
Well hell, when you put it that way... (this needs to be a mantra)
Oh and as I was re reading this post I didn't mention the second thing.
My husband has always been the spiritual leader in our family, but he is very thankful for this new Carrie that has been emerging. I still look to him but I'm a better helpmate in spiritual matters than I have been before. We had an awesome talk at lunch today about how we are so in tuned to each other and how we define that biblical principle that we are one. We respect each other, we are the best of friends and we enjoy being together. We lift each other up when the other is struggling and right now he is the one that needs support. God knows he has done it for me so much over the last few years. I love the fact that we are both authentic about who we are whether we are together or apart, I just love us.
OK, enough of the gushy stuff, but I will say this, it was just one of those talks today that reaffirmed us. We're in this together. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This will probably be a lot of rambling because I haven't posted in so long but if you love me, you'll forgive me.
As a family we've been dealing with one of our own and stealing. Stealing money from my wallet, books from school, you get the drift. We are going through our first grounding which in detail is being shut up in the persons room with no TV, ds or music. Your only companion is books. The duration of this grounding is two weeks. We are almost a week into it and have had more problems. We've done what the parenting books suggested. I'm praying we've made a turn in a better direction.
Tonight I had a serious heart to heart with my oldest. We talked about becoming the person God created us to be and knowing right from wrong and listening to our heart. We talked about what beauty is and what really matters.
All I can do is pray that she heard me. She seemed receptive and even offered up examples. I just need to continue to reinforce it. Growing up is so hard to do, and it seems so much harder now.
In our conversation we even began the birds and bees talk. Gulp. I tried to be as cool as my mom was with me; or at least I think she was cool. I guess the more we talk about it the more comfortable we will both get. I did praise my girl for the change in her attitude, she's no longer as negative as she used to be. I also did my best to reinforce her wonderful worth and how what she has to offer to the family is important.
I now have eyes that see and a heart that wants to see and make changes. With God's guidance that is all I can ask for.
On a continued, happier note, I'm about to finish a study for the first time. By myself. No one to hold me accountable but me. I feel awesome about that. A couple of years ago I did the Artists Way 12 week course and I never completed it (I think I stopped around week 8 or 10). Now I'm about to finish the second book, Walking in this World.  This book has really spoken to me right where I am right now. I realize now how much I have grown since I first started Artists Way almost three years ago. I was looking at my book the other day and saw how much I have put into practice what I thought I had forgotten.
After I finish Walking in this world I plan on happily starting the last book, Finding Water.
 I'm taking steps that will continue to grow me into a better person, the person God created me to be. I'm using all the potential people said they have always seen in me. And you know what? Its not scary at all. Its so freakin freeing. Once I stopped fighting it and went where my heart lead and is leading me, I'm happier and in a better place emotionally than ever.
I discovered over the weekend that the one thing I was/am struggling with is confidence. I can fake it til I make it but I was doubting my abilities and I found two verses in my bible that just hammered home. The first is from 2 Corinthians 3:5, Its not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own, our qualification comes from God.(NLT) and then second verse is Romans 15:13, I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.(NLT)
I'm working on a women's retreat course. I finally said it. This is for almost everyone.
You don't have to go to church to attend, you just have to believe in God.
It is something that has consumed my time, but in a happy way. This will be a course that combines some of my favorite things; journaling, art, food and pampering. I have huge dreams but I'm going to give this a test run in the spring of next year. When I have discussed the premise of this course, every woman has shown interest. I'm hammering out the details now. I dream of it being a weekend that will not only lift you up but show you how amazing you are and how much you have to offer yourself and those around you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last night, Kelly and I walked out of Girls Scouts and so a cloud flash, by the time we got home we had seen a bolt or two so I set up the gear in the driveway. I sent this one into channel 9 and they posted it on their Facebook page. So far as I type this 260 people have "liked" the photo and 71 have shared it, but then 29,000 people like their page so I have the opportunity to reach that many.
But that isn't why I blogging today.
Really Carrie, its not all about lightning?
Heck no!
Last Thursday afternoon my kids asked if on Friday they could walk to school all by themselves. That they were getting to be big kids and wanted to walk alone. So I let them walk to school. I prayed for their protection and put the fear of God into them before they went. Yesterday after I picked them up from school and only day 2 of walking without me, Kelly asked if I would walk with them today. As we set off this morning I asked them how far did they want me to walk with them, Kelly says until the crosswalk. So I walked to the crosswalk with them. The crosswalk is where I normally say goodbye, but I was willing to go as far as they wanted me to.
I gave them a bit of freedom and they realized that they felt better with me along. My babies are not such big kids after all, and I am happy about that, because I know my time is short lived where they will want me to walk with them.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

 On Sunday the mother of all storms blew through Tucson. It knocked out power poles and left us in the dark for about 4 hours. The kids ended up spending the night at grandmas while Rob and I braved the powerless house. Thankfully the power came back on at 10pm.
After the kids left for grandmas Rob and I took a ride. I was determined to just enjoy the light show and it was Broadway worthy.
Rob and I kept oohing and ahhing over some of Gods light show and a couple of times you could overhear us say, "did you see that!"
We looked at the radar on my phone and noticed that another storm was about to come over the mountain. We drove home to get my camera and went to my favorite spot. I had two bolts that were soooo bright for the camera that they blurred like this second photo, but the top was my favorite for the night.
It is again that yearly want to have a wide angle lens. Which would be awesome because I sometimes miss a part of a bolt because it spread out so wide. I missed one big bolt that when it hit the air turned green and pulsed so I'm sure it hit a transformer or something, it was kind of eerie.
I love being able to go out with someone to take pictures, It gives me someone to talk to and I feel safer. When I'm by myself I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder expecting to be jumped. No matter what though I'm not going to stop going out and I'm smart enough to be prepared, at least I hope so.
Tonight's weatherman is calling for more storms but it sounds like its going to be this afternoon. I'm thinking of trying to get some afternoon weather shots this time. Wish me luck if the storms come through.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

At about 8:30 last night I was dozing on the couch when I heard thunder.
I got up to check the skies and saw some beautiful cloud lightning to the north and to the northeast was some crazy bolts of lightning.
Since I was in my jammies and had no desire to go racing over to that side of town I decided to just sit back and watch the show.
After a few minutes I saw a bright flash on the northeast side. I went inside to get my camera just in case anything started to happen.
Oh and happen it did. I had my long lens on and just hoped a bolt would come into my view.
This monster came down and startled me. I knew I had gotten a piece of the bolts but wasn't sure how much.
This is what came into view after 30 seconds. Wowsers.
After this bolt there were a few more, but all just out of reach or I would catch a piece of it.
The pure joy of shooting lightning.
Whenever I have the chance to go out with Rob to shoot lightning, we talk about one day building a house with a  tower where I can get a 360 degree view of the city to take all the shots that I want. Imagine the sunrise and sunset photos, the clouds with rain. The amazing possibilities. We can dream.
I'll have to do another post of the shots that I got on Sunday night.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

First day of school!!
We have entered the 5th and 3rd grades. Whoo hooo!
As per tradition I do a head shot and a full body pose of each kid.
Guess who wasn't paying attention until we are walking to school and notice that I don't have a memory card in my camera?
Are you surprised? I'm not.
Thankfully I was only a few houses away so I could run back and grab the card. So, instead of my nice pictures I got this morning I snapped off these quickies. I just hope I can try and get better ones when they get out of school.
Also being the first day of school we have our traditional DQ treat tonight.
Once we got to school, it took us about 20-25 minutes to walk there we checked out the classroom assignments and discovered that Wyatt was placed into second grade instead of third.
Got that switched around and found out that one of Wy's cub scout buddies was going to be in his class. That is a huge relief because Wyatt didn't sleep well last night because he was nervous.

Kelly is in good shape because her best friend Madison is in her class and another former student from Tag that was in their class in now going to Ford. This brings it up to 4 or 5 kids that Kelly already knows and if I include mutual knowledge Wyatt knows about 4.
This is a huge weight off our shoulders because we didn't think they would know anyone and its always hard to be the new kid, thankfully there are several kids they know.
I'm very excited for them and can't wait to find out how their first day went.
Here is to a great school year!

 On Monday we took a little road trip down to Benson to check out Holy Trinity Monastery.
I really wanted to share this pretty place with Rob and I wanted the kids to see all the peacocks.
We arrived around the monks lunch time so I knew we wouldn't be in the way. We cautioned the kids to keep a low voice and tried to explain to them how these gentlemen live.
I had Rob drive around to show them where we stayed and we got out to walk around the pond that was a few feet from our lodging.
 We had spotted a few peacocks as we drove around so I had Rob park up by the bookstore and we walked around. We walked around the big pond and up around the chapel garden before crossing through the meditation garden on our peacock search.
We occasionally would hear them call out but the darn devils were hiding out.
We found a pretty bird on the outside of the meditation garden and he let us get fairly close before starting to walk away.
I mention to Rob that he should go get the bread out of the truck so we can try to feed. As Rob
walked toward the truck, the peacock started to follow him.
This beautiful guy was hungry and we all were able to let him feed from of our hand, even Chelsea was able to sit still long enough for him to take food from her hand.
We loaded back up and went into Benson to have some ice cream before we headed home.
that was comical in itself. My kids looked like a couple two year old with chocolate around their mouths and melting ice cream on their hands.
The best part of the whole trip though was hearing Kelly say what an amazing time she had. That made it all worth it.


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

 Seriously,  my boy loves Mario and what I realize is ironic is that he didn't receive anything Mario for his birthday.
We bought him a wii game and star wars Lego ds game, grandma bought him an awesome radio, Uncle Mike and Aunt Amanda got him a razor scooter and Nina signed him up for karate classes at the Y.
He's happy as a clam this week.
We did haircuts and back to school clothes shopping yesterday, went swimming at the Y on Monday night
To top it all off he lost another tooth this morning!
School starts tomorrow!!!
I don't think any of us is really ready, I know I'm not but it will be nice to have some normalcy back in the house.
I'll be back with more pictures of our day trip down to the monastery.
(after re reading my post I realized I typed out my thought process, my crazy mind was jumping around)