Tuesday, August 07, 2012

At about 8:30 last night I was dozing on the couch when I heard thunder.
I got up to check the skies and saw some beautiful cloud lightning to the north and to the northeast was some crazy bolts of lightning.
Since I was in my jammies and had no desire to go racing over to that side of town I decided to just sit back and watch the show.
After a few minutes I saw a bright flash on the northeast side. I went inside to get my camera just in case anything started to happen.
Oh and happen it did. I had my long lens on and just hoped a bolt would come into my view.
This monster came down and startled me. I knew I had gotten a piece of the bolts but wasn't sure how much.
This is what came into view after 30 seconds. Wowsers.
After this bolt there were a few more, but all just out of reach or I would catch a piece of it.
The pure joy of shooting lightning.
Whenever I have the chance to go out with Rob to shoot lightning, we talk about one day building a house with a  tower where I can get a 360 degree view of the city to take all the shots that I want. Imagine the sunrise and sunset photos, the clouds with rain. The amazing possibilities. We can dream.
I'll have to do another post of the shots that I got on Sunday night.

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