Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last night, Kelly and I walked out of Girls Scouts and so a cloud flash, by the time we got home we had seen a bolt or two so I set up the gear in the driveway. I sent this one into channel 9 and they posted it on their Facebook page. So far as I type this 260 people have "liked" the photo and 71 have shared it, but then 29,000 people like their page so I have the opportunity to reach that many.
But that isn't why I blogging today.
Really Carrie, its not all about lightning?
Heck no!
Last Thursday afternoon my kids asked if on Friday they could walk to school all by themselves. That they were getting to be big kids and wanted to walk alone. So I let them walk to school. I prayed for their protection and put the fear of God into them before they went. Yesterday after I picked them up from school and only day 2 of walking without me, Kelly asked if I would walk with them today. As we set off this morning I asked them how far did they want me to walk with them, Kelly says until the crosswalk. So I walked to the crosswalk with them. The crosswalk is where I normally say goodbye, but I was willing to go as far as they wanted me to.
I gave them a bit of freedom and they realized that they felt better with me along. My babies are not such big kids after all, and I am happy about that, because I know my time is short lived where they will want me to walk with them.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, kiddo. Its hard, not only for them, but for the parents too. You want them to feel comfortable exploring possibilities, to challenge their boundaries, but in the same tone, it's scary, for them and you. So, they decided that they kinda like spending that time with you, thats cool, because your right, your time is limited and before you know it...they will feel like sissy's having their mom walk them to school.
So enjoy thie very special gift.

love you