Thursday, August 02, 2012

 On Monday we took a little road trip down to Benson to check out Holy Trinity Monastery.
I really wanted to share this pretty place with Rob and I wanted the kids to see all the peacocks.
We arrived around the monks lunch time so I knew we wouldn't be in the way. We cautioned the kids to keep a low voice and tried to explain to them how these gentlemen live.
I had Rob drive around to show them where we stayed and we got out to walk around the pond that was a few feet from our lodging.
 We had spotted a few peacocks as we drove around so I had Rob park up by the bookstore and we walked around. We walked around the big pond and up around the chapel garden before crossing through the meditation garden on our peacock search.
We occasionally would hear them call out but the darn devils were hiding out.
We found a pretty bird on the outside of the meditation garden and he let us get fairly close before starting to walk away.
I mention to Rob that he should go get the bread out of the truck so we can try to feed. As Rob
walked toward the truck, the peacock started to follow him.
This beautiful guy was hungry and we all were able to let him feed from of our hand, even Chelsea was able to sit still long enough for him to take food from her hand.
We loaded back up and went into Benson to have some ice cream before we headed home.
that was comical in itself. My kids looked like a couple two year old with chocolate around their mouths and melting ice cream on their hands.
The best part of the whole trip though was hearing Kelly say what an amazing time she had. That made it all worth it.


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