Wednesday, August 01, 2012

 Seriously,  my boy loves Mario and what I realize is ironic is that he didn't receive anything Mario for his birthday.
We bought him a wii game and star wars Lego ds game, grandma bought him an awesome radio, Uncle Mike and Aunt Amanda got him a razor scooter and Nina signed him up for karate classes at the Y.
He's happy as a clam this week.
We did haircuts and back to school clothes shopping yesterday, went swimming at the Y on Monday night
To top it all off he lost another tooth this morning!
School starts tomorrow!!!
I don't think any of us is really ready, I know I'm not but it will be nice to have some normalcy back in the house.
I'll be back with more pictures of our day trip down to the monastery.
(after re reading my post I realized I typed out my thought process, my crazy mind was jumping around)

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