Sunday, August 26, 2012

This shade of hibiscus is called Spin the Bottle, just FYI.
Have you every done a simple action that the reaction was greater (positive) than what you were expecting?
On two occasions this morning that happened to me.
Last night I cut out some vinyl for Wyatt's raingutter regatta boat to put on the sail and it turned out really well. Anyway, I also cut out a couple of crosses from the New Testament cricut cartridge. I applied one to my journal, because I kept getting the front and back confused, and the other I thought we could put it on the back of our truck. Rob saw it and said he wanted to put it on his journal. It received rave reviews from the people who saw it.
I decided to go take a quick picture of them.
Rob's cross is done in yellow and I'm in lime green.

I was thinking about crafting and time this morning and I was doing my best not to berate myself because I didn't do all that I wanted yesterday. I made a choice to watch Storm Chasers on Netflix instead. I started to think about my goal from over a year ago where I said I wanted to use each of my cricut cartridges. I haven't done very well with that goal and I have accumulated more cartridges since, go figure, huh!
I'm issuing myself another challenge. One to use my time more wisely and two, use these darn carts! I have some awesome images that can produce some beautiful home decor, cards, scrapbook pages, etc. Also I have bought some back issues of Cricut magazine and they have inspired me to craft more. Now I just need to break through and get busy.
I feel like I say this every few months but now its more of you HAVE to do this, and its not in a negative way at all. This is said in a more, this is who you are, amazing things happen when you create, and its part of your path.
Well hell, when you put it that way... (this needs to be a mantra)
Oh and as I was re reading this post I didn't mention the second thing.
My husband has always been the spiritual leader in our family, but he is very thankful for this new Carrie that has been emerging. I still look to him but I'm a better helpmate in spiritual matters than I have been before. We had an awesome talk at lunch today about how we are so in tuned to each other and how we define that biblical principle that we are one. We respect each other, we are the best of friends and we enjoy being together. We lift each other up when the other is struggling and right now he is the one that needs support. God knows he has done it for me so much over the last few years. I love the fact that we are both authentic about who we are whether we are together or apart, I just love us.
OK, enough of the gushy stuff, but I will say this, it was just one of those talks today that reaffirmed us. We're in this together. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the crosses, like you, time is in short supply. I try to make plans for what I consider my time, but alas I get side swiped with other things that need to get done.
One of these days.....