Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Big announcement this morning
I finished my Artists Way, Walking in this World, 12 week study!!!
So far I have never had a study meet me where I was at almost all the time. I learned so much not only about myself but how I process and sometimes avoid my one true passion. I'm so glad I did this. I kinda feel like this flower, starting to open up and bloom.
I'm making myself take a least a week off break before I jump in and begin the next book Finding Water. I would like to process and relax before diving right back in.

Another announcement this morning,
I had the craziest dream about cuttlebug folders and My little Pony.
Long story kinda short. Cuttlebug folders are embossing folders used in scrapbooking and card making and I received some for my birthday last week and have picked up a couple the other day. The My little Pony reference is because almost every morning after walking Kelly and Wyatt to school we watch a couple of episodes together on Netflix. Let's just say it was a crazily hilarious dream and I wish I could have finished it and remember more of it.

Let's see, Kelly is off her grounding and I'm beginning to read two books, Five love languages of children and Have a new kid by Friday . This momma is gonna be armed with love and discipline. New strategies to keep my heathens from becoming menaces to society. Nah, they're not that bad.
Last Friday Rob and Kelly had their first Daddy/Daughter Date. The two went bowling, enjoyed some
In-N-Out burger before going to see Madagascar 3. When Rob walked into the house that night he said that the movie is better than the first one and he wants to see it again. Awesome! They both had a great time and I hope this leads to more dates. I was home with Wyatt and Chelsea, we had pizza and watched the original Star Wars. He got the game for his DS and really had no clue about the story or who the cast of characters were, so we watched the movie. Very enlightening for him. Hopefully this weekend we can watch Empire Strikes Back.
I'm sure I could ramble on forever but I'm gonna get busy and enjoy my day.

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Anonymous said...

I think its really great that your trying to learn about "you" figuring how you work, trigger points, both good and bad.
I'm hoping that Kelly's punishment sunk in and that she learned that doing bad is just not worth it.And I'm so glad Kelly and Rob got to do their date...keep it up, let her know that you both love her and how important she is to you.

Lots of Love