Monday, September 10, 2012

Forgive me because I don't remember what site I got this photo from.
On Friday night the whole family watched Empire Strikes back and I must say it's such a hoot to hear my kids say, "I know that guy". "I'm trying to defeat Darth Vader now!"
You see for Wyatt's birthday he got the Ds game of the complete Star Wars Lego whatever. Now we are completing his training by introducing to him the story lines.
Saturday night we watched Return of the Jedi.
As I sat there and watched it brought back so many cool memories of have light saber fights in the front yard, me and a friend arguing over who got to play Leia and all sorts of adventures using the playground equipment from the elementary school next door.
I think as a young girl, Leia was someone to look up to, she was strong, smart and could kick some major butt.
I recently saw a picture on pinterest showing 6 women in today's culture that some girls idolized Kim K., Gaga, K. Stewart, Snooki and Kat VonD, below them are 6 women from various sci fi shows that they all kick major butt. I want my girls to learn that those 6 women that most girls idolize aren't worth idolizing. I want my girls to grow their strength in what God wants for them, to act with dignity, grace, service to others. I want them to use their minds and to love themselves as God loves them, with respect.
This was so not how I planned this post to go.
On Saturday morning I stole away for a couple of hours to just sit and work on my retreat. I have felt a desire to get away from all the noise so that I may hear where God is taking me. I'm hoping to have more time like this in the coming weeks until I have all the major kinks worked out.
I have finished my Walking in this World and my 5 Conversations to have with your daughter course. I'm now reading How to have a new kid by Friday, love Dr. Leman and 5 love languages of children. I hope to have both finished by this Friday. Already I'm looking into more studies just so that I can grow and understand more of how people operate. I must say it is opening my eyes and softening my heart to other peoples hurts. I don't want to try and fix them in so much as I want to understand where they are coming from.

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