Friday, October 12, 2012

 This is going to be the short, short version of what we have been up to the last couple of weeks.
Wyatt's had a school assembly where he received his award for academic excellence. This is for Reading and Math he scored 71% in reading and 62% (I think) in his class. I just know is numbers were more than double the rest of his classmates.
Spent the weekend with my juniors up at Whispering Pines Girl Scout camp. The girls had a great time. This is Kelly and her bff Madison. These two have been together since Kindy.
 Took a family day trip up to Marshall Gulch on Mt Lemmon. My favorite place to go and one that the kids can roam around for hours. We did this on fall break because...
Uncle Chuck was visiting from Maryland. My absolute favorite brother in law.
We took another day trip down through Sonoita and Patagonia, beautiful views, where we stopped and went through some of the cutest shops.
 These absolutely amazing tree outside a gallery that was closed. A dream tree, just gorgeous.
Uncle Chuck the night before he had to head back home. Bummed us all out, wish he would visit more often or that we could go see him.
And last night we joined the girl scouts and saw Disney on Ice- Princesses Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel. I took 343 photos! When I told my mom she asked if I saw the show, of course, each photo is a memory of a beautiful show.

So that is what we've been up to the last couple of weeks as I've tried to get out of my funk, which I think I have.

Now we are geared up for the coming holiday season.
Lord, have mercy on me, lol

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Busy, busy, busy.

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