Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Recap and being thankful

Last night my family headed out to my moms neighborhood to do some trick or treating.
Mom loves to go all out for Halloween and this year her house looked awesome.
Makes me want to step it up a notch, considering I really don't have much of anything for decorations. hmmm....
The kids all had a great time, we have a system where the kids take their buckets and we carry along a reuse able grocery bag for each kid to dump as we go. This helps eliminate the kids not wanting to carry their stuff because it gets heavy.
Thankfully my brother brought along a wagon in case their youngest Savannah got tired, which she did for a short time but was such a trooper. The wagon ended up carrying all the water bottles and bags. When we got back to mom's I lifted the kids bags and gosh were they heavy. This morning I was still wondering so I weighed them. Combined 19lbs of candy! and we only walked 3 streets! I was astonished by how many people were handing out full size candy bars. Insanity, but in a good way. We will be doing major portion control and like last year some will be used for other projects with scouts and such.
So welcome to November!
Today starts my list of daily gratitude's!
Photo source: Where women create facebook page.

Today, I am grateful for Where Women Create  magazine.
This may sound funny, to start a month of gratitude off with a magazine but it's true. I picked up my first copy last year when I found out, through some of the blogs I follow, that a few of my favorite inspiring people were going to be in it.
I'm nosy by nature and at the time I was just curious about this new to me magazine.
Oh the colors, the inspiration, the artistic freedom. It was so cool to see each artist in their own space but to hear how some of them got started, the sacrifices and leaps of faith that some had to take. It hit me. I read through the magazine several times until the next issue came out, and I still have that first issue and thumb through it when I need a creative pick me up.
Where Women Create magazine has introduced me to new people, blogs, stores, decorating ideas and the need to be around creative people. This past year has been an awesome adventure and struggle to find myself as a creative soul, for some reason this was a catalyst. It showed me freedom and that there is room for every artist, to do what I love without being apologetic or trying to conform to my warp sense of what art was/is. I'm slowly reaching out to try new things and to grow myself. Before I read my first issue, my living room was going to be black, white, with a splash of red. Now..ha ha, I have colorful frames mixed in with the black and white, I'm slowly working on a new quilt that is a riot of colors. I'm making new pillow covers for our couch pillows. Slowly but surely I'm making our home into who we truly are.
Today I am super excited because the newest issue is out! This new issue has only one name on the cover that I recognize so I'm extra excited about what I'm about to discover. I know I won't be disappointed. I'm off to go get me issue!!!

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