Wednesday, November 14, 2012

thankful #13

Look down this hallway. What do you see? Doorways, a bench, multiple arches, pots. As I was looking for a picture to go with today's post this one came to mind.
Today I'm thankful, even though at times it feels overwhelming, for where I'm at today. I'm thankful for all the prayers answered and unanswered. The grace God has shown me when I've raged, struggled and refused to listen to that inner voice that guides me well.
I'm strong, my momma raised me to be strong ☺
I'm becoming stronger in my faith because one, I want to be but two, my soul screams for it.
Yes, there is a difference, at least to me. I have a need to learn and understand and a desire to communicate better with those around me. Two, for other people that believe different things, its that Zen or enlightenment so many try to find. In order to learn I must stumble, fall, pick myself back up and keep going.
Its the trials, prayers and grace that help me to grow. Even when I fight, I know its all for my own good. Like going to the gym; getting there takes willpower, then the killing work out where you cry out, "is it over yet" to the high you feel from the endorphins and the enlightenment when you see the changes in the mirror. I like that analogy.
To me this picture is our walk to God, see that light at the end, yeah that's Him. Along the way we have door ways to detours and benches to rest. At times we have a light to help us see and times we stumble in the darkness. The arches are more detours we can take and the pots are those moments we realize how beautiful the world can be, the beauty that surrounds us when we stop and look for it.
10 years from now I'm going to look back and read these words. I'm probably going to do one of two things, one is smile, because of how much I have grown since I typed this or two laugh at myself because I had so much to learn and had no idea what was in store for me. 

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