Friday, November 16, 2012

thankful #16

Today I'm thankful for my friends.
Those friends who end up being more like family. Those friends that are there for you at your lowest low, that will sit and listen to you as you cry and whine until your spent and then give you a hug, look you in the eye and speak straight to your heart.
I'm thankful for those friends who are also there for your highs. They cheer you on and strengthen your dreams, your accomplishments. They push you to go one step further.
For so long I wanted to be a recluse, seriously, I was completely misguided, lol. What I realized was that it was me that was pushing people away or not even giving them a chance to get to know me. I didn't want to hurt or feel because, well duh, it hurts. Then I went through a time where I wanted friends, people I could call, text and hang out with. I would sit here and cry from loneliness and not knowing what steps to take to make friends. In my heart I heard the answer and then my awesome husband echoed the words. When in others company I started to ask questions and truly listened to their answers. I wanted to get to know them. I cherished their wisdom and insight. I became their cheerleader.
I know I have so much more to grow on when it comes to being a true friend. I admit to getting scared when things get heavy. I let my supposed inadequacies, my inner critic, rear up instead of letting my heart lead. I'm forgiven when I've asked for forgiveness and its not held against me later on.
I love how I can pour my heart out and know that they too have once been in the same boat and offer guidance and prayers. I squirm when they tell me I'm too hard on myself or that I need to work on a specific areas of my heart.
At times I feel like I don't have much to offer to people, but if you ask, and I'm able, I will give you the shirt off my back, my car to drive, or my cricut carts to use.
I'm so fortunate, lucky, blessed, humbled and so very thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing people. From the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough, for not only loving on me but my whole family.

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