Monday, November 19, 2012

thankful #19

Since I started my thankful month so many things have been made very obvious to me, once I actually stopped to look.
Today I'm thankful for the Internet and google.
It sounds cheesy I know, but instead of stressing over finding information, driving direction, music videos, other friends, I just do a search. How often do we just turn to the net for that info nowadays?
I have learned so many good things from the Internet. I sometimes forget that I can google a question instead of trying to hunt down someone who can answer me.
When I have forgotten how to do a math problem, no worries, I just go to google and type in my problem and next thing I know I'm watching a video on how to multiply decimal points. So much less stress.
When I need a little inspiration, no problem, type and search.
The other day I was on the search for a couple of my favorite holiday recipes that I have misplaced in my cleaning. After digging through other cookbooks, I remembered that I had shared both recipes to different women. One was on a message board, so I just looked up a several year old message and there was the recipe. The other recipe was given to a friend on Facebook so I had an idea of the month that I had given it out so I searched her timeline and found the recipe. Easy peasy, took me 10 minutes max.
When it comes to scrapbook or card making inspiration I not only check my favorite magazines but I search galleries or just do a specific search. Same thing goes for photography, my cricut carts or recipes.
I remember in middle school there was talk of the Internet and how it would close down malls because people could shop online and we would never need to go to stores to shop. How the Internet was going to destroy our world as we know it. How funny and a little bit true.
The Internet is like a crazy journey through Oz, you never know what's around the corner but you'll have learned something along the way.


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Anonymous said...

Very, very true. Funny, as I was reading your blog I remember the dire consequences that the internet was going to bring to the economy....and how it hasn't happened. We are a nation of inventors, when I think of the things that have changed, just in my life time its really mind boggling.
I had to laugh, I had said something about 8 track tapes, and her reply...what do 8 track tapes do???? Funny, just in my time there are no more records, we have gone from tapes to cd's. VHS movies to DVD, not to mention cell phones. I saw a movie the other day, My Best Friends Wedding and near the end where Julia Roberts is all alone at the reception and her phone rings and OMG the size of it, well, it made me laugh.
I could go on and on. So needless to say, we have the capability of many great things. Looking forward to see what we come up with next....