Thursday, November 22, 2012

thankful #22

I've missed a few days but to make it up, I'll say that I'm thankful that I'm feeling better. I've had the flu and lost my voice this week. Rob has been very supportive when I've hurled but he loves to tease me when I squeak.
Today I'm feeling 90% normal and I'm glad so that I can gorge myself on turkey and sides.
Last night we watched both of the Peanuts thanksgiving specials. I love this little tradition. It brings back childhood memories of laying on my stomach in front of the TV watching snoopy and charlie brown. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that all the characters voices kept changing. Boooo
Anyway, today we are celebrating with my sister in laws family, its looking to be a huge group of us. Sadly my mom won't be there because now she is sick. I hope it's not because of Chelsea and myself.
Tomorrow we will be joining with my mother in law for a more intimate thanksgiving dinner. No black Friday shopping for this girl, I think I'll be shopping online mostly this year.
The rest of this week will be filled with good food, great company and amazing smells with a very thankful heart.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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