Tuesday, November 06, 2012

thankful day #6

Today's being thankful post is sponsored by our national election and the freedom we have as Americans.
Today Facebook, TV, radio, all the media outlets are going to talk about our right to vote and the privileges we have.
So here is my story on it.
I remember back in the *cough* 80's when Regan was running. I remember sitting on the front step of our town house holding a sign that I had made that said to vote for Regan/Bush. I had no understanding what a  Democrat or Republican was, I'm sure my perception was based solely on my parents and campaigning commercials.
Flash forward to the 90's and here comes Bill Clinton. He was young, charismatic, could play the saxophone, lol. He was on MTV telling us kids to rock the vote, he hit all the late night circuits. He was just cool and as a senior in high school he was appealing to the younger voting generation. If I could have voted back then it would have been Clinton. In 1996 I did. When Clinton's term was over I was ready to vote in Al Gore. Sadly back then we didn't have early voting and I was away on a business trip and unable to vote. I watched as we struggled to get the votes counted in and that's when I really understood what the electoral college meant. I was under the impression that winning meant that the person with the most votes wins. That isn't true and that is my biggest problem with elections. I won't go into how the electoral college works, I suggest you google it but if there was anything I could change about elections is that the parties would be done away with and you vote for the person. What they stand for, their plans for growth and change, etc. That the people's votes decide, majority rules and then they get the electoral votes. Don't even get me started on lobbyists.
I'm honored, thankful and proud of my country. I'm honored that I can voice my thoughts without the fear of being thrown into jail or worse, killed. I'm thankful to have the choice to vote or not, the ability to vote and I'm proud of all the people, military or not who fight everyday for us to have this opportunity.
Did I exercise my right to vote, heck yeah. Will I tell you who I voted for? No. I will not debate with anyone over politics. Whether you are red or blue there are positives and negatives with both candidates. Do I feel that I made the right choice. I honestly don't know. This was one of the toughest elections for me to decide. My voter registration card reads Democrat, but that doesn't mean I voted that way. I don't believe in voting all or nothing party lines, I vote for each person regardless of their party line.
One thing that I really enjoy and am thankful about in AZ is the new mail in early ballots. I voted more than a week ago and it was nice to not have to wait in any lines, to be able sit in the comfort of my home and research what way I wanted to vote. It was also nice to look a local politician in the face and say I have already voted.
Tonight after scouts, Rob and I will watch some of the election coverage,  we will see what changes are in store for the propositions and leaders around Arizona and we may go to bed not knowing whom they will be inaugurating in January, but our voices have been heard.
I'm really excited for tomorrow when the airwaves won't be filled with all the negative ads, we'll be back with ads for erectile dysfunction, menopause, arthritis and depression pills. ;0.
No matter who wins, come January I will support whomever is elected President. I will pray that they make the right decisions for our country and lead with dignity and honor.

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