Monday, December 31, 2012

Its 3 hours before midnight and I couldn't let the day pass without any comments now could I?
This past year has been hard for me but I truly feel it will be worth it this coming year.
I will be making some resolutions tomorrow and just trying to get the new year off to a great start.
Off to watch some movies to ring in the new year
Happy New Year!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I couldn't let this day past without acknowledging that it will be the last time the date can be matching numerals.
The date is suppose to be a lucky and I must say it turned out exhausting but really good.
To the picture...
I decided to try out a pose I've seen running around pinterest. The kids sure did get a kick out of it. I wrapped 3 separate strands of lights in red, green and white around the kids and Rob had the joy of covering their mouths with the duct tape. I'm not completely sure its Christmas card worthy but my friends have gotten a kick out it.
This month is just flying by I'm cruising right along with it. This Friday is the church Christmas party and on Saturday, Kelly will be walking in the Tucson parade of lights downtown.
December is pure craziness.
I'm gonna stop there. I just re read my post and its a mumble jumble of an update. I'm so tired I can't function right. Here is to a silent night.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'm blown away that December is here. I was looking at my blog list and I never finished my thankful #28. Sigh. Such is life. I'm coming to realize that I could never make a living out of writing on my blog.
I'm too flaky.
So now its December. I had contemplated joining the bandwagon and doing December Daily with some of the other scrapbookers and I also thought about doing a December daily photo challenge.
I haven't done either.
This photo was taken a year or two ago.
I will make no promises for this coming month. I want to enjoy December, not drive myself and family insane over commitments or added pressure.
Some people thrive on a busy social schedule and we know I am not one of them.
I think I will look at the photo challenge as a list of photos that I want to take this month not as a stressful, have to get this done, I have to post today, kind of thing.
That is not the reason for the season. Its a beautiful, magical time of year and I want to enjoy and preserve it.