Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I couldn't let this day past without acknowledging that it will be the last time the date can be matching numerals.
The date is suppose to be a lucky and I must say it turned out exhausting but really good.
To the picture...
I decided to try out a pose I've seen running around pinterest. The kids sure did get a kick out of it. I wrapped 3 separate strands of lights in red, green and white around the kids and Rob had the joy of covering their mouths with the duct tape. I'm not completely sure its Christmas card worthy but my friends have gotten a kick out it.
This month is just flying by I'm cruising right along with it. This Friday is the church Christmas party and on Saturday, Kelly will be walking in the Tucson parade of lights downtown.
December is pure craziness.
I'm gonna stop there. I just re read my post and its a mumble jumble of an update. I'm so tired I can't function right. Here is to a silent night.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to admit after having the kids at my house the other day, I can sure appreciate this picture. Ms. Chelsea was a steamroller....she wanted into "everything" which was really hard. I was still in the midst of wrapping presents, so my small livingroom was a diaster. Ms. Chelsea was getting into everything included attempting to pull my lighted garland from the ledge high up...pulling snow out of the sleigh, carting poor rudolph around....and the list goes on and on.....I can laugh, because as she grows up, I will look back and wish for her to be back at this age, with a curiosity to match no other, with laughter and that mischievious smile of hers.Yep....while the other two played with lego's, ds games and watched tv..I will always remember this last weekend..
To top this weekend off, as we were in church and Pastor Tory was going around the room asking what exciting things had been going on in our lives, Ms. Chelsea raised her hand and with a bright smile on her face she said loud and clear " I Love God" the room clapped and laughed....what more can I say. That's our Ms. Chelsea!!!


Anonymous said...

I still love this picture.

The other night when I picked up wyatt from karate, he said "Nina, its only 5 more days till christmas" and I let out a yell and said " yea, I know and I'm so happy" he was laughing at me. I am so very lucky that I have all my grandchildren near me and that I can have fun with them.
When I told Wyatt to let out a yell...he let out a tiny, tiny little yell...and I said "come on Wy, let out a really good one, and when he did I joined in with him. He laughed again and told me how funny I was.....yep, its kinda nice being around the little ones.