Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm not sure what has brought about this lack of blogging and to be truthful it is really bothering me. I have even gone about searching on how to make my blog more inticing or topics to talk about when I am having a slow period. I'm also thinking about planning some of my blogging
The last couple of weeks I have been working on a couple of crafty projects. One is the black Harbor Freight spinner. Now my dream scrapbook room has happy bright colors and the black sure doesn't fit in, sooo I purchased bright yellow enamel spray paint and went to town. Over the course of several days and several coats, I finally thought I had enough coverage that the paint wouldn't chip off. Alas, I put my first chip on it yesterday when I was cleaning my scrap room. Such a bummer.

In other crafty pursuits, mom bought me a bunch of yarn the other day because I wanted to start making pom poms so that I can string them up around my room. I've made pom poms before but they were all small and the kids had fun with them. This time its all for me. bewahhhhh. I'm in a slightly crazed, happy mood.
Last Friday I picked up the new issue of Creative Spaces Vol 2 . Pure eye candy sure but for me its so inspirational and I love seeing how creative we women are in our spaces. It sure has kick started my desire to get my room clean enough to start making stuff again. It also has helped me to find solutions to a few of my crafty problems, like where to store punches and 6x6 paper pads, oh and my new washi tape collection.
This past weekend was the CHA, craft and hobby association trade show. I get all excited to see what some of my favorite companies are coming out with and how their designers used the product. Mom has asked if we are going to the scrapbook convention in April, gosh I really hope so. I'm learning how to use some new products but they're not cheap and I would like to stock up on other items that I've always bypassed because I felt they were too expensive to purchase. Now if God would just provide the funds, lol, it will be all good. lol
I'm getting more excited because the newest issue of Where Women Create is due to come out soon. I can't wait to see whom they have featured. I'm also on the lookout for their other new magazine, Where Women Create Business.
Now, I must be off, I have to do my bible study for the day and the day is getting away from me.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back...Again!!!
Jeez, I can't tell you how many times I would get on, only to find the same things staring at me.
So, I have to tell you, just how excited I am about scrapping, everyone who knows me, knows how busy I can be, but so is everyone else. My plan...and i'm working on it is to get organized and stay that way. Have alot of things in the works and will keep on top of it the best I can.
Looking forward to convention and keep sending me scrapping ideas...I Need Them, it helps me stay focused.
Love you Daughter