Monday, February 25, 2013

5 things right now

This morning I made some weekly goals for myself.
1. To lose weight. I'm still working out Mon-Fri but this past weekend I wasn't completely healthy in my eating.
2. I saw a motivation board on pinterest and want to recreate one for myself, one with positive quotes and plenty of encouragement.
3. I also want to make a visualization board, goals and dreams, things to strive for, pray for
4. I want to paint one canvas this week, no matter how small
5. To do my best to think and be more positive.
Me, right now?
I want to take my family and go travel, see the world and all its majesties.
I want to have a bigger craft space, space for everything and the kids :)
I want a clear vision of what God wants me to do. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels
And finally, I'm scared and tired.
Working through fear would probably be very easy if I didn't procrastinate. lol
I keep putting up road blocks instead of taking the small steps to move forward.

I dream, but have no idea where to start.
First draft isn't the final draft.
Practice makes perfect.
At one point we are all amateurs.
On the flip side are all the negatives screaming back at me:
Not good enough,
never gonna have it
don't deserve it
its too hard
what if its more than I can handle
what if I fail?.......
In all honesty, I'm going to get this stuff done, I'm just struggling right now.
Please pray for me, OK? Maybe leave me a word of encouragement.


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Anonymous said... never know if you can do it IF you don't try. And failure isn't failure IF you did every thing you could and it didn't work out.
So never give up....keep moving, because you never know what's around the corner.
love you