Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Last week I went on a field trip with Kelly's class to Old Tucson. I couldn't tell you how long its been since I've been there.
It was Ted Walker Youth day and there was about 4000 people and students running around.
One of the attractions was the chance to read to a horse. This fella was getting a little lippy with his handler and was making all sorts of funny faces.
Out of all the photos I took, this one kept flashing in my mind, except the handlers hand wasn't in the way.
The photo seems to depict my life right now. A little wacky.
I finished the Breaking Free bible study and I received a bunch of insight and strategies for going through life. I've taken a few days off and have begun my Artist Way, Finding Water book. This one is more challenging because now I have to reach out to my support system. Even though these people are family and friends there is still a vulnerability I'm trying to overcome. Plus this also means I actually have to stop talking and start doing.
Guess what? I have also joined the weight loss challenge with some of the ladies from church. This is my second week and although I'm down a pound from my starting weight I gained a pound from my excuse, the Superbowl and leftovers. Today I met with the trainer to set up an exercise plan. Holy cow, I'm both excited and nervous. Tomorrow I am doing my first zumba class! I'm excited.
I truly want to be down to 200lbs. I felt and looked my best then and I'm so tired of being one of the biggest people in the room. In the last year I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and now hyper tension. I'm not going down this road if I can help it, which I can.
Wanna know what else I'm doing? I've started working on the 52 lists project . Granted I started this yesterday but it fits where I am mentally right now and I can't wait to see what the end of the year will look like. It will be cool to look back and have such a glimpse of me one day.
I was on the treadmill yesterday and I watched most of the Secret. I've always wondered what it was about but didn't want to watch something that was against my faith. HAHAHAHA. It truly is about your attitude and your positive mental walk with God. At least that is what I got out of it. I think I will watch it again because I want to take notes and let the stuff sink in.
Back late last spring I started reading Heart Steps , and the set I got was for my kindle which included Heart Steps, Blessings, Transitions and Answered Prayers. By the end of Heart Steps I had such a positive frame of mind, I was more grateful and was actively looking for God in my life. After losing Braxton I stumbled hard, it has taken me months to get this awesome feeling back. You know, the one you don't want to end and you want to share with everyone?
Yeah, that one.
Because it just popped into my head here is my daily list: Jesus Calling devotional , journaling, getting the kids to school, gym, Finding Water study and fill in on my 52 lists (if needed).
By lunch time, Rob comes home and we eat and talk, if I have any questions or need an opinion Rob is a great sounding board.
Having so many positives sets me up for a better day. To grow, stretch and reaffirm how amazing everyday is.
My suggestions are to find things you're interested in, positive things, and delve deep into them. We all have so much untapped energy, heart and possibilities.

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