Thursday, March 21, 2013

This past weekend we went to Roper Lake with the cub scouts and had family camp.
This was the first time our family had been there and I must say it was a beautiful campground.
We stayed on the inside of Gila  group campground in tents and there are 9 cabins around us and facing the lake.
The cabins were just adorable, I really want to go back just to stay in the cabin.
We had about 10 families join us and there really is plenty to do. In the morning after our showers, yes they have showers, we hiked around on the trails between campgrounds.
There is a little creek that runs between the cabins and the showers and this creek feeds into the lake. One of the bridges that crossed over was a covered bridge, so cute and I forgot to get a photo.
Anyway, you can swim, fish and canoe in this lake. The scenery was so peaceful. I hope next time we can stay in a cabin so that I can sit on the porch swing and just enjoy the scenery.
We heard coyotes early in the morning along with these really cool, loud birds. they were black with yellow breasts and some had yellow heads. I will post a photo later. I highly recommend visiting if your looking for a quiet place to relax. We saw several families that had brought bicycles and rode around the three campgrounds and the peninsula. Oh and I'm no way affiliated or being paid for this endorsement. LOL. I'm just a satisfied customer.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect, in fact..since its not that far away it would make a nice weekend getaway
sooooooo thank you.
Love you