Monday, May 06, 2013

Last week I had to go through all my photos trying to find one that I took of Rob and his co-workers.
I stumbled upon this one and I don't really remember taking it. The photo was taken in France and all I remember was people looking at me funny while I took pictures of their local veggies.
As I was scrolling through the photos I stopped on this one and saved it to a different folder. As crazy as it may sound, it inspired me.
As a creative person I'm always on the hunt for anything that will keep me inspired and renew my soul with the beauty and blooming life all around us.
Lately, as I've been on either the treadmill or the elliptical I watch videos on YouTube. I've learned to dabble in mixed media art and am finally allowing myself to have some fun in my scrapping and art journaling. I go through my magazines and cut out pictures or text that I later put into my smash book. My smash book has become a place for dreams and ideas, stuff that will spark me on a much needed day.
I have created a motivational wall in my bedroom that I try and read every morning, especially the days when things are dark.
We are all creative, God made us that way. We all need to inspire each other and lift each other up. I don't feel that I have been strong in working with others to inspire each other. I tend to work alone quite a bit. I do love to lift people up because we are all capable of amazing feats and any negativity could set us all back.
That afternoon as I continued scrolling through the photos I came upon one after another that triggered happy thoughts, positive thoughts. I moved them all to that different folder. I may print them out, and who knows, they could adorn my walls or just my scrapbooks but the photos will be out of the bowels of my computer and will be more appreciated.
Almost every morning I take a look around all our flowers to see what is coming into bloom. I love the riot of colors. One of my dreams is to have a center where people can come, take classes, have retreats and just relax with little alcoves with comfy benches and arbors and trellis' of flowers.
What inspires you?


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