Thursday, October 10, 2013

The kiddos are on break this week, so yesterday we hit Reid Park Zoo. The animals were in rare form. One of our giraffes was chewing on a pine cone and making some of the funniest faces.
It was an awesome day, the weather has cooled a bit and I think this made the animals a little more frisky.

This picture reminds me of how I was about 45 minutes ago. I have just finished my interview to be a volunteer co leader for Chelsea's daisy troop and will receive my volunteer approval tomorrow.
I haven't had an interview in 6 years.
I was such a dork. I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I am not an "all business" type of person. I'm a personable person, laid back and I have a real hard time tooting my own horn. So when it comes to answering the "official" questions, my brain just freezes. I told my interviewer that it would be easier for others to describe my leadership qualities than for me too.
I have been really lucky with the people I've worked with or I'm great at blocking out the annoying people I've worked with, lol. I have been able to maintain several friendships over the years and I think that speaks more than anything else.
I didn't prepare myself for my GS interview. I've been involved in scouts since Kelly was five, I felt this was just a little detail to be taken care of and really didn't dwell on what the questions could be.
I think I handled the questions well and my interviewer was easy to talk to.
I've learned that being my true, authentic self is so much better than putting up a front. I wish more people would embrace it.
My feelings right now is that there is a growing movement to empower women, not in a feminist way, which does have its place, but a movement for women to empower themselves. To learn about their true beauty and personal strengths, women supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. I am a part of this movement, I want my daughters to grow in this movement.

Wow, this was not how I mentally planned this post to go, I was just gonna kvetch that I had my interview, I'm approved and while I felt like I was a dork, I'm happy and excited about our future daisies.


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