Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School year finish line

 Back to our regular programming.
For the last few years I've tried to make the last day of school something to remember by crossing a finish line.
This year I wanted to create a wall of balloons that they could run through in the carport, but there was one problem, we were having 40+ mph winds. After some mass tangles and a couple of popped balloons I moved it all into our entry way.
It was interesting to say the least. The kids' expressions were hilarious. Because this was 
done indoors I had to use my flash which gave the kids multiple times to run through the balloons, I felt so sorry for them...Not!!

You might be wondering where Kelly was for all the fun? Ms. Kelly was gallivanting across the country to Ohio with my mom to go visit relatives. She had her own good time.
For Kelly it was her first time on a plane and she loved flying, it was the second state she has been in this year.
Hopefully I can get some photos from mom so I can have a more detailed photo editorial for a later date.
Because this is another staycation summer, ha ha, I've been looking over the summer to-do lists on Pinterest to keep us all away from the boredoms. So far, so good

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