Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Due to a lack of party supplies for the Disney movie Frozen, I had to get a little crafty.

Once again my hoarding crafty tendencies came to the rescue. Have you seen this craft of Pinterest? I went (two years ago, holy cow really?) and bought the snowflakes to make this and they've been sitting in a bag atop a bookcase waiting for me to glue them all up. Instead they became this, our own winter wonderland in 105 degree heat. 

 I had planned on ordering a cake from our local grocery store but when I went to order they were out of the Frozen cake toppers, so I backed up and punted. Chelsea wanted chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting as an extra bonus I piped white chocolate snowflakes to go on top. making those snowflakes was both a pain in the rear and fun.
Chels was over the moon happy. I just love watching her appreciation for each of her gifts and the people who gave them.

 She twirled, sang, giggled the day, within a hour of everyone leaving, she was sacked out.

The patch on her eye is a daily thing for the next couple of months as we try and strengthen her right eye.

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Anonymous said...

Chelsea is appreciative of the gifts that she received from everyone. .and so happy about her "Frozen" party. Even though it was hot enough to melt an iceberg...it was fun. You did good.