Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
I begin by saying that this has been a great Christmas for us. I was able to get a big jump start on my shopping before Black Friday which lowered my stress level immensely. I'm thankful that Rob was able to work some overtime and that this year I have also been working part time. My whole attitude this holiday season has been so much brighter than last year.
One big bump in my road, this season was my inability to get Christmas cards done. I really should take Rob's advice and set aside a day a month and do nothing but cards so that when December rolls around I won't feel that added stress. Now to just find one day a month where I can do nothing but cards, hmmmm.... lol
Since I wasn't able to get cards done and ran out of time to even do a photo card (the easy way out) I ran over to my mother in laws to have a quick, fun shoot with the kids. I told them my "vision" and asked if they would be interested. Poor Chelsea was fighting a cold but was a trooper. First we did what I would call the perfect kid pose. Then we had the
fun part. Kelly giving Wyatt a noogie, Wyatt pulling Chelsea's hair and Chelsea going to punch Wyatt. They just had too much fun without actually hurting each other. I think this whole shoot took less than 10 minutes. I posted them to Facebook with a Christmas message to all our family and friends.

Christmas Day was really good, after opening gifts at our house we went to my moms and had breakfast and opened gifts, then off to my mother in laws for gifts and a late lunch, then we dropped everything off at home and went to my brothers house for another round of family fun. The 26th we spent just hanging around the house and the kids were able to open and play with all their gifts.
This year has centered around anything Frozen for Chelsea, anything Pokemon for Kelly and anything Lego or Star Wars for Wyatt. I must say I have loved shopping for them. Oh heck, I just love giving gifts. I was even able to surprise Rob this year when I got him JBL charge 2 speaker. The only clue he had was a color choice, blue or red.
 For me, I got some books that I asked for and a few other goodies. I am still recovering from getting a Cricut Explore with my birthday money and the 23 new embossing folders from an awesome Black Friday sale from Cartridges and More. Then my after Christmas gift of a few new cartridges that I bought cheap off ebay.
This leads me to something that I've reflected on once before, having so many Cricut cartridges and needing to use them. So one of the ideas, resolutions, whatever you want to call it, is to deliver on my notion to use every cartridge at least once.
As of right now I have 217 cartridges. So many options and choices. It is time to grow my creativity. I'm intrigued to see how much my creativity will grow and my own voice.
My goal for 2015 is to get back on track with documenting my family and using whatever talents I have to inspire and encourage people, especially my family.
2015 is going to start off with a bang, I have girl scout cookie sales starting and our cub scout blue & gold ceremony where Wyatt will be crossing over to Boy Scouts!
This is also the year where my awesome mom will be turning 60 and then I will be turning 40! Big party planning in the works.
So much happens and 2014 I pretty much showed me that I have to document.
Our story matters even if its just for us.
So here is to a fantastic 2015! May yours be awesome.