Monday, March 16, 2015

B is for boy challenge complete!

  As soon as I picked this cartridge, I was off and

designing. I've waited all weekend and today I had some time to hang out in my craft room and put everything together. I still keep looking to see if I want to add any more details, perfectionism can suck.
I am usually a very clean and simple person when it comes to crafting but I'm really trying to look for ways to add those special touches.
As my first project for my Cricut cartridge challenge I'm very happy. I hope the recipients of these cards will be happy also.
Both cards are 4 x 5.5 and my Cricut Explore cut everything out beautifully. My expression would have never been able to cut as small and as cleanly.
These were so fun to design and I kept a small notebook next to me to make notes on little extras I could do. If you knew me well, you would know I'm a cut it out, glue it together, and put it on the paper kinda girl. I get nervous using patterned paper because of previous attempts with tearing and I forget to use my cuttlebug folders for dimension, because I'm freezing up creatively.
Hopefully all this will start to change as I use my creativity more.
Now, because I finished with this challenge so fast I'm going to start working on the next cartridge. Which is...
I remember buying this cart because we always seem to be working on home improvements around our house. I know I will be making at least one scrapbook page, but we will see. First, I need to go dig out some old pictures to inspire me.
Wish me luck!

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