Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Oh Summer

Arizona in the summer can be both beautiful and miserable.
On those miserable days, we throw a sheet on the microfiber couch and let the kids veg out on their or my electronics.
This was one such day. Kelly was off working with Nina and Wyatt was off to Boy Scout camp. Chelsea and I were in veg mode.
I so remember doing these same things when I was a kid. I try as a mom and adult to capture the essence of being a kid but also our summer.
So far the kids go swimming several days a week with Grandma at the YMCA, we've been trying to have movie days and library days.
The biggest thing they've done is clean their rooms, Yay mom says, boooo say the kids. It was bad, real bad.
The laundry is now under control, the clean clothes kept finding their way back into the dirty clothes basket, sometimes still folded!
The kids have rediscovered some of their toys, in Kelly and Chelsea's case they tried to bring them to the kitchen table to play instead of their room. When I said they couldn't, all toys need to stay in their room, their reason was they didn't want to mess they're room up!
Shaking my head...kids

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