Monday, January 09, 2017

weekend update

On Friday night we went to the annual cookie kickoff at the U of A McKale center. For the second year in a row we got to watch the ladies gymnastics team perform. Just amazing.
Chelsea is still part of troop 534 and Kelly has stopped joining her old troop. With Junior strings, Saturdays got a little crazy, plus she felt she was outgrowing scouts and didn't want to go anymore.
This year is Chelsea's second as a Brownie and I have stepped down as cookie mom. Two years was more than enough for me. Granted I'm sure I will miss the control and the interaction with the moms but cookie season kills me. I'm dreading it, all of it. I'm kind of hoping this will be Chelsea's last year. We both feel like outcasts in the troop we created. I've been involved with scouts for a little over 10 years now. I'm tired, no I'm burned out. Hopefully we can get Chelsea to her goal of 500 boxes, but I'm just hoping she'll put more effort into working at selling cookies herself. Truly, my baby is a lazy little toad at times, and it drives me crazy.
Friday night was also the lock in for the boy scouts. Wyatt had such hopes about staying up all night to play video games but in the end he was out for the count at midnight-ish and back up before 6. That's OK by me because he wasn't grouchy on Saturday.
As weekends go, it was a pretty nice one. We are slowly making progress with decluttering our home. We got rid of one box of junk from the girls room, one box of clothes from me and about 5 boxes of old baby/kids books. I completed more of organizing my craft supplies and was able to make some cards with my mom on Sunday. I'm finding that now that I work full time, I use what time I have better. Where as a stay at home mom, I kept putting things off because I always felt I had all the time to do it.
My plan, at least for right now, is to start working on my side of our bedroom. Cleaning out drawers and under neath our bed. The transition of getting rid of the clothes that are too big, and new clothes, new work necessities has made my side a lot messy. Which is really starting to weigh on my nerves, especially with how well things are progressing in the rest of the house.

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