Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Welcome back Carrie! What's been going on?
Work got busy so I couldn't blog during the day and most nights I'm asleep around 9pm.
I must say these are the hardest posts to type, so much has been going on and I have missed months of keeping track, I just don't know where to start.

Since January I've gained about 5lbs. I'm not sure how much is muscle but it seems like every time I have a cheat meal I gain a pound of concrete that doesn't want to come back off. To combat the gain I've started working out in more of a HIIT style and I've still gained more weight. I can honestly say I'm struggling and lost right now.
So did I get back into my wedding dress for my 20th anniversary? No, I was still about an inch or two short in the back to get it buttoned up. Rob said I would have ripped the dress but it was close. I'm not giving up though, from what I've been able to see, from the profile I follow on Instagram it may take another year or two to get my body where I want to be.

 Another thing I have been working on is reading different self help books. I tend to find them fun and interesting. I've written down some questions that I truly need to meditate on to see if this is the way I'm being guided. One question I have is, if blogging is something that I think about and take notes on and pin ideas on Pinterest, quite often actually, is this what I'm supposed to be doing? Am I ready to re- commit to blogging again like I used too?
I've been thinking about my strengths and the skills that I've used over the years and I'm trying to see where it may be leading me. I have revisited an idea that I've had and now I'm trying to see if I'm willing to see it through to the next step.
Where is my path leading to?
 I will start by saying that I really enjoy my job, and the opportunities that it has provided our family.
Creatively I am suffering.
I have a room full of stuff that I haven't been using and to be honest there is some guilt associated with having all that money spent on craft supplies not being used and the fact that Chelsea keeps asking for her own room. True, she also keeps asking when are we going to move into a bigger home too.
Anyway, I'm hoping to alleviate my creative woes soon and have a partner or two to help keep me motivated. I will also meditate and pray over my path and ask for some guidance.