Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweeeenn!!

So Rob told me last night that he wasn't going to dress up again tonight so i will show off most of his costume. edit** I can't get the photo blogger to work so i'll post picts later. sorry
*I just got an email from my friend Annette whom i will be photographing for this fall and next springs Relay for Life cancer walk. Their kick off is tomorrow and i the email reads that she has gotten a photographer to take pictures for the website. AAAAAAAA!! breathe, beathe, its all good, breathe. i know i can do this. breathe. back to normal.
I just figured out something that has been VERY frustrating for me. lately lots of my photos have been blurry. well what i forgot to consider was the fact that since i got back from poland i've been wearing glasses. i forgot to change the dioptric knob that is by the viewfinder for sharpness. once i adjusted that i can see my images more clearly. there is definitely a prescription difference between my contacts and my glasses.
So Sunday night we went to my friend michelle and her hubby jeff's for the great pumpkin carve it all. so much fun. we had a nice potluck and then most of us started carving pumpkins. pictures to follow later. at the end they lined all the pumpkins up and picked a winner. guess who won. ROB!! his pumpkin was done free hand and was of a southwest theme. Rob was crowned the Pumpkin Carving King. complete with a crown (with a pumpkin on top). Gosh i wish i could show pictures.
* so last on my agenda, is a pending drug test and background check..... I was hired on the spot at Tres Amigos mexican import furniture store. I should start in a few weeks as soon as they give the okay of the 2 checks. i'm getting more money and with a raise in 90 days. same hours i was working and i can wear jeans and tees to work. yeeee hawww. joanns does not know and as long as lupe doesn't hold a grudge i will still do the scrapbook teaching there. If not oh well i can probably get more done at home anyway.
so what are your plans for Halloween?? hope you have a safe night and i HOPE to have pictures tomorrow. Love lots Carrie

Friday, October 27, 2006

please don't make me go

i don't wanna go to work tonight. wwwaaaa wwwwaaaaa
seriously i feel like i've been on vacation. and guess what?? I have a job interview after work on saturday. i'm giving tres amigos a try. my friend michelle works there and really likes it. plus i don't have to deal with all the old ladies grumbling about fabric and coupons. I really started to think about my job and joanns and i started freaking about the scrapbooking part of my job. no Cricut cutter any time i want it. no scrappin and getting paid. all the people i've met. first dibs on all the new product. but in the long run i'm NOT happy there. the manager is an idiot and it's not enjoyable. both michelle and rob are telling me to just walk out if/when i'm offered the job. let's just say i'm a shoe in because of michelle and they need people. but i have never walked out and not given two weeks notice.
**going to be a busy weekend with work/interview/halloween party on saturday and sunday it's church and pumpkin carving party.
**lately i've been cruising some peoples photography sites and i have a lot to learn. hopefully i'll be able to talk to my friend lindsay and see if she is still willing to mentor me a little. in mentor i mean me asking LOTS of questions. but till then and after i will continue hitting the books and the net.
Hey MOM!! check your in box for my christmas list. and rob and inez and mikey and brian can all pitch in. Sounds scary huh?? it is and it's not. lots of books and stuff that i can dream about but maybe one day kind of things.
*have a good weekend. I think i will crop this tighter but i like this picture of wyatt man. so different from last year. they grow waaayy to fast.
hey for some inspiration try www.kariphotography.com and check out the newborn gallery. the lady has talent and was my inspiration for the day. I want to shoot like that in all meanings. color, composition, props, lighting etc.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i hate going to the doctor

So i finally went to the doctor this morning. my doctor does same day appointments. call at 8am or after 12 and you should be able to get in that day. so i called and got in at 9am. I had to get back X- rays. yeah with 2 kids in tow who were NOT being very good. Whats also cool is that she emails my prescription while I'm still in her office so that they are supposed to be ready when i get to walgreens. i say supposed to because our walgreens takes 2 hrs+ to fill a prescription. Any whoo I got me 500mg of naproxen for anti-inflammatory and 500mg of methocarbamol for muscle relaxant. I don't hurt right now. yes i know this doesn't make me better. i got a lecture about how i'm going to have to be careful about my back and do stretches and walking to help keep it streched out. oh yeah and i need to be more careful at work.
so that was $40 bucks i really didn't have and kelly goes to the doctor tomorrow for the rest of her shots. yikes!!!!.
to add to my whine, the van won't start and rob thinks it could be the starter. he is out right now trying to fix it. plus i need to make apple bread for the fund raiser and kelly has eaten almost every apple. i have enough to make one loaf of bread. i swear that kid is addicted.
SSSOOO how do you like the new look. i was playing around and thought to give this look a whirl???
Oh wait it THURSDAY!!! Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy!!AAAAAHHHH
the one day all week i'm excited for.
have a nice evening, with all the drugs i know i will be comfortable. :) C

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the 3 P's

that's right. everynight we go through the three p's 1) Potty 2) Pull-up 3) Pj's
it's kinda fun to say and it usually goes like this. pottypulluppj's lets go. hustle. then it's hugs and kisses and tucked into bed. night- night. good night all. C

I'm just playing with the ol blogger. finally figured out how to post links on the side. I only put in so far the people who inspire me in either scrapbooking, art, and photography.
What do you think?????????
"Mom, can we have french fries, chicken nuggets and apple juice?"
" Sure honey lets go to Mc Donalds".
Okay so this is almost a daily occurence and i don't always say sure. but lately i just want a large coke that only tastes good from McD's and i want those monopoly game pieces!! Yes i'm a game piece junkie right now. Now to be fair i only need Ventnor Ave to win $10,000 or Kentucky Ave to win $5,000. what are my odds? Like no way in hell, but it's fun to play.
Sorry I've been off the blogger lately. not much even remotely newsworthy going on. Yesterday mom and i went to wally world to layaway (yes, white trashy of us) christmas gifts and such.
I'm on the hunt for the "itsy bitsy spiderman doll" its like those elmo dolls that dance but it's a spiderman that does itsy bitsy spider and spiderman theme song. I think wyatt would like that.
I just heard today about a book i want to check out called Scraps by Wendy Bagley. it's about adventures in scrapbooking so to speak. Also my favorite lady www.aliedwards.typepad.com has a newsletter that really resonated with me yesterday. the previous newsletter was about photography but this one is about the creative process one goes through in scrappin'
*total hijack- my boxer Braxton and my chow Chester just got into a fight and i'm still kinda shaking on that one. I had to use the hose (which Chester HATES) to get him away from Braxton. these two are usualy playing, seriously, but they are starting to get mean. brax has a scratch on his face from chester. this is not cool. chester is like 10yrs old and braxton is not even two. rob and i were talking the other day that we both agree that we don't think chester will make it through the winter with his hips and arthritis. but at times he tries to play like he's a pup again and he pays dearly later.- end hijack
So i need to pick up miss kel from school soon and boy is she getting an attitude. I want the kid to gain some confidence and make friends not become an even bigger brat.
Tonights dinner will be Garden chowder and tomorrow i'm makin apple bread for a fund raiser and friday I will be peanut butter cookies.
Oh wait till you see what rob is going to do for Halloween. I'm not giving any details, keep quiet mom! but on rob it will have you rolling.
Alrighty ya'll i need to go change a stinky diaper and go get the kid from school.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I survived!!

Exhausted but i survived Joanns moonlight madness sale! It was a good day actually. I dressed up as a ladybug and got so many compliments. But even the way the store ran I was happy.

Well the kids had a great time at the boo bash. kelly decided to get antisocial and refused to play some of the games but in the things she did participate in she liked. Both kids looked so cute. Wyatt was the only woody from toy story but there was four buzz lightyears. the kids were tired by the time we got home, of course, but a good time was had by all. I can't wait to see how they do halloween night. What's funny is kelly is already telling me she NEEDS candy. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'm too tired to think straight, i keep typing and forgetting to space in between. I need to chill out with the hubby and go to bed. night night

Thursday, October 19, 2006


thank god for technology. As i have said over and over i had to work tonight and missed both "ugly betty" and "grey's anatomy". thankyou ABC for showing them on the computer. since i no longer have tivo, this is the best i can do to see the shows i missed. but alas i must wait til tomorrow to watch them. work was fun though. i had sister in laws tonight that were fun and we hit it off really well. they say they plan on coming back. we'll see.
i not 100% sure why but i am dreading tomorrow. the kids need a bath and then we go to the boo bash from 10-12. lunch then nap, make dinner and i have to decide, do i dress up (costume) for the store sale or wear my uniform and also do i make something for the potluck?? oy vey ya'll. Maybe this is why i'm dreading tomorrow?? At least i'll get to see julie and andrea. and i might even get a few minutes to talk to them since their will be 6 people closing the front end!!! yee haw!
any who, i plan on being the dutiful mommy and taking pictures at the boo bash and hope to post them for your delightful entertainment.
which reminds me. Hey DAD!!! where is my birthday card. huh??? ya know it was a couple of months ago??? don't make me wait to christmas. okay vent over. ahhh gotta love technology. where else can you yell at someone and they aren't around to yell back .
alright peoples it's 11pm and i should go to bed but i'm not very tired (yawning as i type this) i guess i need to get some shut eye.
so to EVERYONE who reads this, i'll say a little prayer for you. have a good night and sweet dreams. Carrie

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

homework already?

Oh yeah. I was handed Kelly's homework for next week. Kelly needs to practice writing her #5's. I also think we need to continue to work on the letter E. Otherwise she seems to be doing well and certainly enjoys going.
In other daily ramblings, i think Julie was asking me about scrapbook stores I like. I tried to do links once before and i couldn't figure it out by their directions. But for online shopping i like to hit up; www.lifetimemoments.com and www.scrapbooking-warehouse.com. those two seem to have most of what i want but you can also try, addictedtoscrapbooking.com and scraplovers.com. I would suggest twopeasinabucket but they always seem to be out of everything.
I also want to learn how to link to other blogs that inspire me.
Today is so-so quiet day. wyatt and kelly just got into a fight so now both are in time out. otherwise i have to close with lupe tonight and kelly has been invited to got to Disney on ice with the incredibles. i think she will have a blast. kel is going with mrs. hickey and the gainey girls from church and the youngest gainey, faith is kellys friend.
I hope this answers your question julie if not let me know and i will give you the correct info.
To all my family and friends, I hope you have a good day. feel free to leave any questions and comments. let me know your stopping by. C

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Let me start by saying I really want a Coke right now. I need so type of caffine fix to get me going around this time of morning.
that being said.
Good Morning!!!
I hope you are having a good day? Here is a picture of the kids outside Kelly's classroom.
*sidenote* If you knew the crap i've gone through to post a picture the last couple of days, i could just scream. yesterdays post took me over an hour and drove me nuts.
Back to Kelly and school. I have such a busy week ahead. work tonight, school tomorrow, work wednesday night. I work Thursday night for the scrapbook social. 6-9pm then Friday morn. we have a boo bash for all busy bodies kids at randolph park from 10-12 wear costumes. I DO work Friday night for joanns moonlight madness. (So Julie come on over. Do ya guys want to make it 2 nights in a row and scrap with me on Thursday???) then I work Sat. from 9-530. I'm already tired. plus i've been asked to bake for a bake sale and I really don't have the time this week. I feel bad cause I would love to help but it's just not in me and i will not stay up till the wee hours to bake.
so this is the end of my boring post. i need to clean up the house some and get dinner started so rob can eat when he gets home cause he has to work tonight also. (sometime today grandmom ross is coming over to get the kids)
Have a lovely day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Long ass post!!

Lets start out with Friday night. We had a great night with Aliyah, she was the best baby. She slept through the night and was happy all morning until mommy showed up. Aliyah was usually smiling and waving like a princess at anyone watching her. She is getting so big and is crawling everywhere.
On to Saturday. Work. it was fine until my back started to really hurt, then I just wanted to go home. Same shit different day. The whole team is fed up with the manager and her crap.
On to Sunday and the wilcox pumpkin fest and Apple Annies. The kids had fun.

We went with the Haifley's, Paul, Marcia, Sierra, and Amber. Friends of ours from church. We all had a great time. Everyone was relaxed. My kids didn't fight or throw fits. It was the cutest thing to watch Wyatt trying to manuever through the pumpkin aisles. His little feet would get "stuck" in the vines and I or Amber would lift him out. They all had such a good time running around. I wish I could have gotten better pictures but I was enjoying myself. And yes Wyatt was trying to lift that pumpkin on his own. Kelly got to do some apple eatin' while everyone was apple pickin' at Apple Annies. Of course my mom picked and bought 25lbs of apples. One thing I forgot to say was it was chilly and windy out there. It did sprinkle for just a few minutes but you hardly noticed it.
Kelly's first day of busy bodies. I'm having a very hard time down loading pictures so I might add the rest on to tomorrows post. She did really great and participated in all the activities. Teh class worked on the letter E and all sorts of stufff that only Kelly knows because I can't get her to tell me a play by play. She had fun and thats all that matters. Whats really cool is that when it's time to be picked up the kids must sit until their parent signs them out. Wyatt was so excited to see his sissy that as soon as we entered he went running to her and sat down next to her. Of course I was the dorky mom, only mom to have her camera. Hey it's her first day and most of these kids come all the time. but the moms were nice about it. I just wish I could have gotten some cleaner shots of inside the classroom.
Okay normal every day stuff. last night after we got home i was doing dishes and talking to my mom on the phone we I noticed I had gotten my feet wet. I looked down and water was pouring out from under the sink. The pipe and busted and all the water I used for doing the dishes was now all over the floor. so today we got a new p trap pipe and fixed the sink. Also in todays, news my mom and I were loading the kids in the van to take Kelly to school when the van wouldn't start!! It was a mad rush loading the kids into the Ford to get Kelly to school on time. We didn't even take the kids out of their carseats, just picked them up carseat and all and secured them in the truck and we were off. The van did great yesterday so I wonder what happened. oh well it will get fixed after Rob gets home.
Okay this has been going long enough I'll fill in more tomorrow.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is just to warn you that tomorrows post will be extremely long and filled with pictures.
Topics covered; Aliyah, pumpkin fest and Kelly's first day at Busy Bodies preschool.
Have a good night and back to Desperate Housewives. Carrie

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Kristie!!
your getting OLD girl. hahaha. enjoy your evening out and let me in on the details later.
Today has been a weird day. Rob was home this morning but just left to go to mens conference in phx. he won't be back until tomorrow night. ran to sears to pick up kellys pictures, bought her a pair of jeans and stopped by borders all by myself, no kids. then i picked up lunch and actually let the kids have soda for the 1st time. (hey no apple juice okay) kelly drank most of hers, I drank most of wyatts. usually the kids get juice or nothing but i said what the hell just let them. my kids DO NOT drink soda unless they steal a sip from us. my preference because of how bad it really is and they don't need it.
okay off my rant there.
tonight the pitter patter of little baby feet will be visiting my house......... i going to be watching Aliyah overnight while daddy is with rob and mommy is working. (insert evil laugh) I can't wait to take some photos of that sweetie. my first baby photo shoot. plus this is a good op to see how well my kids deal with a baby in the house. NO I'M NOT PREGNANT AND NOT TRYING!!!!! just curious on how they would deal with not being the center of attention and helping out.
it looks to be a great weekend. i'm working sat. afternoon but on sunday it's the Pumpkin Festival in wilcox. whoo hooo. i hope the rains subsides long enough for the family outing. I will stay relaxed and won't rush and let my kids have fun and of course i will take tons of pictures. Relax and take time are my new mantras. add patience too. i'm learning that the key to good photos is to wait for them. enough for now i'll check ya all out later dudes. C

Thursday, October 12, 2006

mundane to exciting

okay so yesterday I felt like total crap. it had to have been allergies because today I feel 100% better.
So today i took the kids to Lakeside park to play at the playground and feed the ducks. I would have loved to have taken some pictures of the kids feeding said ducks but my children refused. Kelly got mad because she couldn't throw the bread very far and refused to try. Wyatt took the piece I gave him and instead of throwing it, he ate it. So I enjoyed feeding the ducks.
While we were at Lakeside Wyatt fell on the rope bridge and scraped up his chin and his gum was bleeding a little. got this shot after he calmed down and went back to play. I was trying to zoom in enough to see the marks but you know two yr olds, they don't sit still for long.

I decided that we should try out that park that has the gazebo I've been talking about. Well here it is.
I really like their playground too. the kids had some fun on it and then we headed over to check out the gazebo.

This is going to be a perfect spot for photo shoots. I just wish my kids were more obedient. I couldn't get either to pose if I begged, pleaded or promised. so I just tried to wait them out and I think I got a great shot of Kelly. I'm gonna crop the top off a little but I declare it "Carrie Worthy" of the family portrait wall. I am very excited when I uploaded the picture and saw it with a little shock that I felt it was a good picture. this is so Kelly right now. angry and defiant and oh so stubborn. I also found a cool setting on my camera that I understand better and was using it when I got this shot. Kudos!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I did it! i finally cleaned out the kids' rooms. i packed away all of kelly's old clothes and packed away toys that are to young for them. i have one box for goodwill and one for the shed. you can actually see kelly's floor. now i'll be honest i still need to pack up some clothes in wyatt's room and clean off the top of the dresser but the rest of the room looks great. i'm sooo tired, my allergies have been giving me fits and i've been sneezing and blowing my nose all day. i want a nap. alas i must continue my duties and finish putting away the kids' laundry.
what are the kids up to you ask? well they are with grandmom today. (maybe that's why i've been productive:)) it helped but i started this cleaning project three weeks or more ago and i basically had to start over this morning. at least it's done. check that off my list. now it's on to my mounds of laundry to be put away. yikes! seriously. it drives rob crazy to see it. (Smile.)
need to get busy and i have to go to work soon so enjoy your evening.

Monday, October 09, 2006

hello my name is carrie and i'm a scrapbooking addict. I am refusing all help that is out there and love my addiction.
I am just green with envy (hence color change) about some of the new products out there and the people who can buy them. I was just at a website looking for a specific brand of pp (pattern paper) and the ones I wanted were out of stock. Just goes to show I have good taste. or I'm lame and follow everyone else.
okay on to better things. had a doozy of a hail storm this morning. kinda freaked me out. hail the size of marbles. It looks like it's snowing. at one point there was actually a mound in the back of the truck but i won't post that because you would have to look sideways.
Happy Columbus Day! My cousins boyfriend once said that columbus founded columbus Ohio. Helloooo. Doofus. I was rather rude when I pointed that didn't happen. He also believed Cincinatus the Roman founded cincinatti ohio. Sorry spelling is bad. the guy was a moron. oh and yeah she married him for a short time. two doofus'.
life happens just smile and nod. Carrie

Sunday, October 08, 2006


here are a couple of could be awesome shots of the kids if i had just used a faster shutter speed and a tripod. yes the one on the top isn't that bad until you try to blow up to 8x10 and it screams blurry. I wish this one on the bottom of kelly had turned out. those eyes just grab me. that would have been a perfect photo wall shot. oh well, i'll keep working on it. i pulled out a photo mag that the scrapbooking community put out and kind of reviewed a few things. I'm going to make a effort to shoot every day.
We did go up to mt. lemmon last night. unfortunately i didn't get the shot i wanted. which was a huge full moon coming over the mountain. i did get some funky shots of the city. rob really likes these. for the bottom turn your head. i haven't messed with them yet so i didn't flip it. this is an area i would like to work on since AZ is known for their sunsets. these were taken at windy point. Kristie ya gotta come for a visit. these shots don't do tucson justice, its so much more spread out.
so i showed mom the gazebo and she agrees that it will be a excellent spot. so hopefully soon we can give it a go. i'm actually making a checklist of things to bring to get more creative shots. i'm also wanting to photog my friend julies baby. aliyah is alittle over six months so my time is running short but this is also the "sweet spot" for baby photos. plus she just got her first tooth. eeeee, how cute.
enough i'm starting to get mushy.
my back is finally feeling some what better. i need to be in good shape for the punpkin patch next weekend. lots of photos comin' gang. i'm getting all excited over a farm. no it's what that farm represents. family, fall, fun, nostalgia. all those warm fuzzy feelings.
Good night, talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

frame it

those are the magic words last night from Rob after I had spent an hour outside taking pictures of the harvest moon.
this one is my favorite. my other favorite i need to crop but its a picture of the moon and you can see all the craters. it's really cool. i was telling mom that it would make a great halloween scrapbook page. if you can click on it it might show it bigger. not sure. at one point i got really frustrated trying to get the shot and trying to figure out what setting i needed. but out of about 30+ shots i have three that i like. I might try again tonight when the moon is just coming out.
Whats really cool is that Rob was so supportive. he kept pulling over so that i could take the shot. and when i said it would have been cool to be up on the mountain he asked me why we didn't go. I didn't think about it until the moon was too high and i even forgot that is was a full moon last night.
I need to plan better and speak up when i want something. he would have driven up the mountain for me. God just writing that out freaks me alittle. i'm not used to having that kind of support where i voice my thoughts and he is like lets go. kinda heady. maybe we will head up the mountain tonight. (see i said maybe and rob would be lets go.)
Next setting i want to try out is this cool gazebo at the park that i think would be good for family photos. plus i want to get some shots of just rob. I dont have any. i can't do a family wall without pictures of him. Also mom give mikey a heads up, if i like this gazebo setting i will want to do shots of him too. and with the way things are heading shots of mikey and brian together. hehehe(insert evil sister laugh).
Alright y'all have a great weekend. I'm not going to work today cause my back is still bugging me so i'll be chillin' on the couch with the kiddos. C.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

welcome to Tucson

Welcome to Tucson Brian, and thanks for bringing the rain!
You my man are in for some culture shock. bars on windows, no grass and rock front yards. I hope you like it and are happy here.
A lovely fall evening it is too. I'm so excited, i'm wearing jeans! I love jean season.
*Oh Mom i picked up the other two kits that we were looking at. when i went into the store to put them on hold, ms. frannie gave me a couple of coupons so i wouldn't have to come back to purchase. thanks frannie!
If your wondering what i'm talking about; KI memories (scrapbooking) has a kit for $20 bucks that has 80 sheets of pattern paper, alpha stickers, ribbon, stickers flowers and tags. Lets just say out of the 8 the store had, they now have 2. ki memories had paper kits in classic,(which we didn't buy) funky, colorful and pastel. so mom and i bought two of each of the last three. insane or what? Got to go finish dinner, sausage florentine, then vacuum my living room. I have been so tired today that i even took a very short nap. but just in case my brother and brian show up i don't need to have the house looking like a pit. C

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

hump day

Yes it's Wednesday again and I'm off Thursday and Friday! :)
I found out that the educational director scheduled my scrapbooking classes for Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. At least i won't miss Greys Anatomy. but still this is likely to cause conflict with Lupe, my manager when it comes to weekly schedules.The woman can be an idiot sometimes. Now I can tell her to start putting me back on for Fridays. (well maybe not, we'll see)
I just have to add this picture to bring some pretty into my blog. I miss my iris'. Granted it's not that great of a picture but it makes me smile. I hope if we move to Safford that I can bring my flowers with me.
*Last night I got to talk to my best friend back in Kazoo, Kristie. It's been months since we have talked. Honestly we didn't get to talk long enough. Miss you girl.
I swear it was old home week because my friend Dee called this afternoon. haven't talked to Dee since April. And Congrats on baby Evan who arrived two weeks ago!!
Life moves on and changes and sometimes that is really hard for me to except. I want all my friends to never grow older or move away yet we all do at some point. But i guess i'll look at it like this; your never really gone and at least once a year you will bloom like my flowers, and i can take you with me. Cheesy i know but it helps.
Otherwise all is quiet today got some laundry put away that has been in the living room since Saturday. Yep laziness or depression i'm not sure which. I'm seeing all the things to do and i just shut down. i think of packing and i have know idea where to start (and i don't want any ideas right now, mom). let me struggle through this. either i'll get a self kick in the ass and get moving or i'll wallow in it for a month or hopefully less. like i said before there is soo much going on in my head i don't sleep well and when i start to make a list my mind goes blank. there are NOT enough hours in a day. *lightbulb* (serious) maybe if i turn off the tv for a few days, during the day, i'll get out of my rut because i'll either be bored or sitting in my pain. its a step.
happy hump day. C

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

all alone

Yep that's right. my mother in law took the kids last night and they will be with her all day today.
Why is it when you do get the time alone you feel somewhat lost?
I made plans to go to the camera store and bookstore at the mall, and I did get those things done but I'm wanting to scrapbook but the juices aren't flowing. I feel like there are thousands of thoughts running through my head but not enough time to get more than two done. Now is the time I wish for either a clone or a maid.
So i'm going to do my post and go scrap something.
*did my research in portrait studio lighting and found some intersesting things. the cost is somewhat close to what I was hoping for. roughly $600. but it's entirely doable. whats funny is the manager of Ritz said that once people see what I can do for my family they will ask me to take their family pictures. Kind of a nerve wracking thought right now.
Granted it's aleady started by asking me to photograph the relay for life cancer walk but portrait work is even more intimate in my opinion.
* On a different note my brothers buddy from childhood is moving out here right now. We are all a little apprehensive about it but hope this will be a positive change for him. We've know him since he was about 5ish? My brother was dating his sister off and on for the last 5+yr?. Hell I had a major crush on their older brother since I was like 10. At one point I kinda hoped my mom would marry their dad. sick and twisted I know but then I would be around my crush aaaallll the time. Oh well life is not always what we fantasize about and I surely would NOT trade my awesome hubby and kids for anything else. Even if said crush was a total hottie. :)
Well that got some memories stirred up. Maybe now my creativity will be sparked by nostalgia and I can get a few things done before work. C.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

photo shoot from hell

yes i said it. i NEVER want to o thru that experience again. the appointment was set for 6pm. we didn't really get in til 645. i used this time to shop for an outfit for wyatt. kelly kept asking when will she get her picture taken. so by the time we started she didn't want to do it anymore. go figure, typical kid. I had already had a shitty day at work and to it top off tired, hungry, bratty kids. lets just say after several meltdowns from kelly and mommy we headed home about eight p.m..
we come home to find daddy out at the races with uncle monkey(mikey). so we headed back out for a comfort dinner of chicken nuggets and french fries. as soon as we got home kelly was sitting at the table with her food and peed her pants. i did not get angry. but we got it taken care of and we finished dinner. the kids were put to bed about 845. they and i were exhausted.
*I have decided to do my own portraits. there are a few pieces of photo equipment that i need but i think next year i will take the photos. I'm also going to look into taking another photography course with Pima college. we will see how my pictures change over the next year.
* so in about an hour Kim and I are going to see the Devil Wears Prada. I've been wanting to see this and it went to the cheap theatre so we'll be going.
Enjoy your sunday. (the boys watching chicken little in kellys room).