Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tres Amigos

is different. they have so many steps for the computer that my mind is boggling. The people are great and sooo laid back but it's gonna take me a few days to adjust but overall it is very easy. it's also nice to be on my way home at 9:30 at night. but oh so different from what i know. i think i'm gonna like it once i get more comfortable.
the one sticky point is that i get paid opposite weeks than rob. where this will work nice later, right now it's gonna take some adjusting.
* okay the yahoos over at two peas have gotten me hooked on this live camera that overlooks a watering hole in africa. yeah i haven't seen any animals yet but it's kinda cool to hear all the noises. hit this link
i swear i keep checking back in every time i hear a different noise. the two peas ladies are always starting topics about what they have seen so now i'm hooked. i want to show the kids a zebra or something. rob came home from work yesterday and asked what that noise was. when i told him the back story he just shook his head at me.
* finished up the christmas tree yesterday and kelly helped. i'll post pictures later. you can tell because lots of the ornaments are grouped together. kinda cute and i'm not gonna change it.
Okay i'm sitting here in my pj's and robe typing this out and listening to the sounds of the african savannah. do ya have a good visual? how pathetic am i? I JUST SAW A COUPLE OF GAZZELLE DRINKING WATER AND WALKING AROUND. THIS IS SOO COOL ! i called kelly over and she got a kick out of it. it's getting close to their busy time so hopefully we'll see more.
Seriously i need to shower and get dressed. i'll post tree/ kelly pict later today. hugs C

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

just two more hours before i start my first day at Tres Amigos. a little nervous but kinda excited. was told we get out anywhere from 9:15 to 10pm. this i can handle plus i can wear jeans and tee shirts. ooohhh yeah!
Had some fun taking pictures of miss Kelly today while Wyatt napped would post them but i don't have much time. i need to do a quick clean on the living room and then we are heading to Grandmom Ross' for dinner before work.
Got the christmas tree up yesterday afternoon, now i just have to do lights and ornaments. kinda hoping that Rob will do that while i'm at work. if not i'll get it done tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening, i'll give the scoop later. C

Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Hell season

Oh yeah the hellish holiday season is here with all its wacked out kooks and freaks.

this is a great way to start the season off right? cynical and bitchy?

Thanksgiving was really nice, we had too much food as usual but it was good. Love the fried turkey. last year from christmas robs mom bought him an electric fryer and this year we got to try it out. it worked great. we had a baked turkey a fried turkey and ham. we love leftovers. we all have our staples that we make each year but we also try at least one new recipe to see it should be added to the feast. otherwise we spent the day watching football and talking. we totally forgot to play any games which has become the norm. we were rewarded by this gorgeous sunset that evening. it was strange to have such warm temps in this late of the month but it made for a great day.
"Where's Wyatt?"
This has become Wyatt's favorite thing to do. he likes to climb into all the places he shouldn't. we have also caught him on top of Kellys dresser and trying to climb on top of his. this little monkey is into EVERYTHING!!! i thought the crawling, walking stage was bad but this quiet troublemaking is worse. You never know where you will find him. Half the time the only way we catch him is if he drops something and we investigate, we just happen to walk by or if he call for help cause he is stuck. Oh i can't forget also when Kelly tattles on him.
*so Saturday was my last at joann and it was also the worst day i ever worked there. the computer shut down for over and hour and still those crazies waited in line. we passed out candy then we passed out 10% off transaction coupons because the registers were still down. it took over an hour to get them going and then they didn't ring up the sale prices so we had to do it all manually. it was awful. i gave the girls a pep talk and they did just great. most of the people in line were very nice. Once we got most of the people through the line we heard a frantic call for help. I went running back and in a corner a man had fallen and was having a seizure. so i start yelling to call 911 and the managers and a nurse went running back to help. so we also had a visit from the paramedics. whats strange is that the man that fell was a medic and had never been sick or had that happen before. this caused me to start shaking from adrenaline with all the excitement from the whole damn day. i hate emergencies. so on with the day. at one put we were running out of $1 dollars and when they finally found some i went back to the office to get them they started to tease me that i cursed the store today because it was my last day. let just say i got there at 2:30 and didn't get any breaks or lunch until 8pm when i clocked out and left for the night. and no they were not aware that i wasn't coming back from lunch. i told two of the six that were closing but not the mgrs. I did a little bad thing and it felt great. I was kinda hoping they would call me so i could laugh at them but alas they didn't. i know they aren't mad but it still was fun to just leave.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


so i was cruising the net and the theme for today seems to be "grateful", so going on this subject, i thought i could at the very least was list a few of things that i am grateful for.
(ya ever have a moment when you start to think about a topic and everything floods in and you can't choose or sort them out? Yeah, going through that right now)
fun things to be grateful for; internet, ice cream, ooh chocolate, minivans (shh don't tell Rob)
serious things; my family, that i appreciate all that surrounds me. i.e. my home, food, trees, my clothes.
I try to remember everyday how lucky i really am and thank god for what i have. i am grateful for so much that it cannot begin to be listed and god knows that in my heart and loves me for it.
So Happy Turkey Day!
Give your family a big hug. love Carrie

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

baby powder baby

okay not a great second picture. I had forgotten that this had happened over the weekend. my baby loves baby powder and this stuff was everywhere! we had to vacuum his bed, the floor, him. at least his room smelled good. *if you click on any picture you can see it larger*

spent the morning getting ready for thanksgiving. had to hit the grocery store before the yahoo's got there. i think and hope i have all that i need.

i really don't want to go to work tonight. don't i say this every tuesday???? part of me wants to go to see all the new stuff they got out but i really don't want to work. rob doesn't want me to work either but i need too. maybe i can find a t-giving tablecloth top put on the table. i thought i had one but right now i can't find anything. that will be changing soon because i have to half empty out the shed to get to christmas crap. so mu purging and organizing will be heading outdoors soon. speaking of cleaning ah.... haven't put my clothes away yet or shall i say even cleaned up my side. now i know i said i would do this but i procrastinate and then when i want to do it i'm in the middle of something else. it will get done eventually like before christmas. i promise.

so tomorrow morning i'm gonna take the kids to the mil (mother-in-law) the school down the street is collecting cans and the Palo Verde H.S. marching band walks uo and down the street playing while the elementary kids walk with wagons collecting food. cool huh?! I hope to get few pictures of the whole entourage and the kids handing over the goods.

So spent most of the weekend scrappin'. dang that felt great!! i felt like i was on a roll. i just need to get more pictures printed!! and of course between rob and mikey they were making fun of all the stuff i have, which i am using up. HELLO! its not like i went and bought new stuff for these pages i was using my collection. but it was fun and i would like to keep it up and get somewhat caught up.

happy tuesday

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have had a nice weekend. on Friday i did the scrapbook social and it was fun. i completed two layouts and had good conversation with a few regulars. i hope this keeps up even with me leaving. saturday work was fine and i got to come home early cause sales were slow. thats always a plus to come home early.but i saturday night i did 3 layouts. whoohoo! it feels good. i hope to get a couple more done today.
not much more going on. i hope your having a great weekend. C

Friday, November 17, 2006


this is what Wyatt says every time you asks if he wants something. well last night everytime i asked if he wanted to go pee pee in the potty he said "alright". sure as shooting he peed in the potty 3 times. he refused to wear the one pair of underpants for boys that we own so he went commando under his pants. no accidents either.

I think i'm gonna be a bad momma and take a picture of him on the potty. can't wait to see his girlfriends reaction in 15+yrs. he he he.

*so tonight is the social and i need to go get my crap ready. I swear i need like a whole day to scrapbook. no interuptions, except maybe a friend or two and finger foods. Anyone want to join me???

*it's hard for me to believe that thanksgiving is this coming thursday. yikes a million i'm not ready. it's at our house which is nice but i need to go shopping.

*sorry this is short but i need to get lots done.

this picture is for me dad who says he only looks at this blog for pictures of the kids. this was taken may of 2005. wow look how small they are even the dog. time flies and luckily i have pictures of the kids from almost every single month. what changes. they are amazing, my babies.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh the drama

Told Lupe last night and she was cool about it. doesn't want me to go but can understand about the pay. yes she still wants me to be the scrapbook teacher. she did say that she didn't want me to leave before thanksgiving cause she is going to need me for black friday. I looked her right in the face and said then don't piss me off. kinda shocked her and i let out a startled laugh because i can't believe i actually said it out loud. but i did tell her i was serious and thats when we started to discuss last saturday, and how upset i was. She gave me the same b.s. but i really don't know if she was telling the truth.
to the Drama.... find out last night that Brian, my brothers friend that came here to get his act together has been stealing from my mom and mikey. He stole money from them both, he took dvd's and the ring my brother had bought for his ex-girlfriend(who happens to be his sister) took a PDA from my mom and we aren't sure what else. I talked to my mom this morning and she is working with the police as we speak and he is probably going to be arrested. now i find out he has a warrant for his arrest for skipping in michigan and screwing up his probation. so there is a chance he will be shipped back to MI.
this young man has had everyone help him like it's their job to take care of him and this has been enabling to him. he needs to LEARN and take some responsibility for what he does. it's not anyones fault but his own.
So i'm waiting for a phone call from mom to see what the outcome is. Oh and his reason for the theft is he needed money and was tired of asking mikey for it. He really wasn't looking for a job and the money he made for day shift work he blew on drugs and we think speed, yes some money went for gas but please.
Okay gotta stop writing about this.
Today is Kellys last day of school until January 8th. hopefully i can be a good mama and keep up her letters and numbers. I have seen an improvement her alphabet. today see took two pencils and made a "X" and told me it was an x. i was happy, and told her so. she seems to really like going to class.
*So I have to post a picture. I needed something that warms the dark corners of my heart. I love fall. my absolute favorite time of year. My favorite flowers are daisies but I don't have any pictures of daisies but sunflowers are like daisies but bigger! :)
*anyway I just got the new Simple Scrapbooks, Better Photos for your scrapbooks magazine. a special issue. looks interesting.this picture combined with the magazine makes me want to go the the nursery and take pictures of some flowers. i would go to the botanical gardens but this is free and if i go to the gardens i want the whole family to go.
*So enough for now. i'm gonna hopefully get some work done, in some form or another before i pick up Kel.
P.S. this friday is the scrap social. come check out the cricut (cricket) machine and the cuttlebug and hang with me. it's from 6-10 (yes 10, we went to holiday hours) Mom if you can't make it I need your list of things you want cut out and colors

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm outta here!

Called Tres Amigos today and everything went through fine. I will be giving my notice tonight (wish me luck) and my last day will be next wednesday BEFORE thanksgiving. Unless i totally wimp out and finish off that week, in which case i'm sure i'll get pissed about something and walk out.
I'm nervous about the new job and very happy to be leaving the old one. We will see how it goes. I don't even know if Lupe is working tonight. If Lupe doesn't have next weeks schedule done than this week will be my last . I don't know, everything is up in the air until tonight.
I'll update either late tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Monday, November 13, 2006

monday, monday

It's been a pretty cool day. I watched baby aliyah this morning and she was fairly flexible with all the running around we do on Mondays. but overall i kinda miss having a little one around. we shall see.........
The weekend as a whole was exhausting. work on saturday was bad enough that i went to bed at 9pm. sunday was nice and relaxing and watched some football. nothing major or even exciting.
have a good day and we'll see what i can get done this afternoon. Cheers

Thursday, November 09, 2006

cheering up

Following the mark twain quote from a couple of days ago i started thinking about the bigger picture. I'm photographing the relay for life cancer walk that will happen next may. today i asked if i can be more involved. after talking to my mom just now she also wants to jump on board. I want to be more involved for several reasons. this year i lost a friend to cancer and this year a friend survived cancer and a friends daughter is still fighting cancer. i do this for them and for myself.
also today the kids and i went to Stuff The Bus. kgun 9 and the community food bank take a sun tran bus and we the people fill it with food. this project is something i have wanted to do for the last couple of years but when your family is helping buy you food and you yourself are struggling it's not an option. this year we gave and my heart feels so happy. it may not be much but it's one more step closer to the food banks goal. i hope i can teach the kids about grace and helping others with love in their hearts.

*so today i will continue to clean my scrap room. i told you it was a mess and this isn't all of it. it's under the desk and on the bookshelf to the right of the picture. take it from me it's hell.
I'm off to clean before lunch gets here.
so today i couldn't decide on which quote so i chose two.
"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward"- Kahlil Gibran
"Those who give cheerfully give twice- once to others, once to themselves"- anonymous
edit: blogger went down so i couldn't post
i swear thursdays are my favorite day. 1, i don't have to work and 2, its ugly betty and greys anatomy. Whats your favorite day?
Edit Again: didn't get anything done because we found a new friend. His name is cody and he is a golden retriever that lives a few houses down with a nice family that just moved in. the gate was left open and the dog went for a walk. he is super sweet. we put up a sign on the corner and his owner called last night. it was so sweet to see him reunited with his family. a great dog and the kids adored him. good things came in 3's today. :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

before and after

okay so i dropped off kelly this morning and wyatt and i headed to Big Lots. i always get my bins there. it took 2, 30 liter bins for both of the kids' clothes. i cleaned out drawers and tons of bags and it is now organized in labeled bins. of course since i don't have any storage space right now they are in kelly's closet but it's all cleaned up right? isn't it what i wanted? yes sir e bob! am i happy? HELL YES!!!!
now it's time to start working on my scrap room. i think i will do before and after pictures for that too. you will be shocked, its that bad.
* so did some research and mom is double checking for me but i may be able to take a credited class at the community college for digi photography. i'm not looking for a degree just a few courses. we shall see.
*I love this picture of wyatt man. he is really into sitting in the clothes basket right now. he is such a character, goes full steam ahead and you better get out of his way. can't get that boy to sit still for a minute.
* so thank you Julie for your call this morning. I'm going to hit up the for some cleaning routines and see all that she offers.
* to everyone thankyou for caring. i know we all go thru tough times and that one just came to the surface.
Just a FYI i usually don't read your comments until after i finish my next post.
So reading Kristie's comment hit me even harder because i know she is having a rough go of it. Oh and thanks Kris for the email that hit the spot and had me teary eyed.
My thoughts and prayers are seriously going out to you all. anything i can do, even from far away please let me know.
" a friend is a person with whom i may be sincere. before him, i may think aloud" ralph waldo emerson

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


thank god the annoyance is about to end. have you been getting at least 5 calls a day??
Like a good american i voted today and i am anxious to see the results, i'm just tired of being bombarded with all the calls and ads.
Happy tuesday. my mom in law had the kids overnight so i got some work done. okay it time for me to be real, so hold on to your hats.
I need to stop blaming the kids as to why i get nothing done. its my own fault. lately i've been in what I'm calling a depression, not wanting to clean, organize or do pretty much anything. Today i have been forcing myself to make some goals and get things done. my entire house is a mess and with the holidays coming i can't take it anymore.
Why am i saying drepression. since we think we might be moving i've been torn between sentimental and happy, sad and can't wait. i haven't wanted to decorate for halloween or thanksgiving and part of me wants to pack things now but another part says that the things i can pack now i should just get rid of. i really need help with this and am not sure i would like to hear what others think. yes i need to streamline and dejunk. but the thought of doing so is daunting.
So for the rest of this week i will be working on wyatt's room and scraproom and next week my bedroom. these are doable goals but i need to make some internal changes. less tv and computer and more prayer and meditation. i need to really change my frame of mind.
*I kept telling myself that i wanted a blog not just so that family could keep up but that what i was thinking would be journalized for future scrapbooking and reflection. i have been fighting a big war in myself about letting go and finding my passion but i feel guilty because the rest of the house is literally in shambles. rob says i need to work through it but i really don't like a messy house. I can piture my mom smiling.
I'm also frustrated because so far pima doesn't off their photography classes any longer and i need and want to learn more. so i'm looking into other alternatives. i'm also doing some big praying that we could find a way financially so that i wouldn't have to work. this is also dragging me down. even though i should be starting a new job soon i don't want to work. period. i don't want to work. i want to learn and create. i want to learn. i want to make beautiful stuff because i know i can.
all this typing is my therapy. sometimes things just flow out of me that i don't say out loud. this is the reason for this blog. life is not all nicey nice and i'm not going to do it anymore.
"the best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up"- Mark Twain
I am thankful for all my friends and family. thank you for being my friends and inspiration. love C

Sunday, November 05, 2006

captains log: star date 2562- we have entered the realm of the working persons known as cantgiveacrapbutneedpaychecks. these people work meaningless jobs for little pay and take crap from old ladies that like to complain because the yarn they are buying doesn't have the same color lot number. yeesh . these c.g.c.n.p's have amazing amounts of patience and smiles that they plaster on their faces when one of the "old" people come close. the only way to defeat this race of "old" people is stop working in this store. HA Ha Ha.
I have know idea where that just came from, it wasn't even in my head when i started typing.
Good day to all. long time no type. I don't even remember where i left off. thursday i worked and missed my shows and friday i worked but the van went caput on me and we had to replace the radiator. Rob just finished in time for me to make it to work on Saturday. Anyway miss kelly has had kinda a cold and so rob and i got about 3-4 hrs of sleep on fri/sat. now wyatt has the runny nose.
Check this out. my crummy manager lupe has been very nice to me this week. i have been bumped up in security level so that i now can do withdrawals and such. lupe even told me that i really need to become a supervisor because i would be great. why all the sucking up??? and part of me is like "give me a HUGE raise for doing your duties". its kinda fun to be able the withdrawals but its also not in my job description.
these are my neighbors Don and Brenda. this is the house that wyatt walked into. And for the photo below here is rob in all his glory. i'm sorry not rob this is ROBERTA . unfortunately i couldn't get the full picture where he has on his fuzzy pink slippers. kinda cute huh?
now this is rob being crowned the pumpkin carving king.
FYI. i usually don't flip my pictures because i haven't done any editing yet and i will lose pixels if i flip them so tilt your head.
as the week goes on i'm sure i'll post some more picts no that it is working again. have a good Sunday

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

post halloween

i'm still tired from last night. had a fairly good time. Kelly really got into the trick or treat and saying "not this house" if the lights weren't on. Wyatt was a trooper. people got such a kick out of him. the very first house we go to is our neighbors Don and Brenda. the kids walk up and say trick or treat and they open the door and Wyatt walks right IN their house. we were laughing so hard, and at first i was embarrassed but we couldn't stop laughing. i apologized while laughing and he didn't do it again. we did both sides of our street then drove over to grandmoms and did the 4 houses on hers that were lit. my mother in law had only 2 kids by 7pm. one neighbor gave the kids handfuls of candy. and this year everybody was handing out the good stuff. CANDY BARS!!! after grandmoms we took my cranky kids over to grandpa and aunt kims for more. kelly was so done that we just went to one house then pops. I swear their bags were half full from the few houses we went to. oh and yeah mommy was a kitty cat. wyatt kept meowing at me when were at pops house. so anyway came home took a fast bath and headed to bed.
***Pictures still will not post****
I was told this morning that Kelly needed candy for breakfast. right, sure. i don't think so miss.
** okay wish me luck on tonight and my first event photo shoot. I've been reading and studying since yesterday. Take LOTS of photos, carry extra cards and batteries. I can do it. I Believe in myself.
" Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yorself to life" - Adele Brookman
I love quotes and hope to end all post from now on with one. C