Friday, November 17, 2006


this is what Wyatt says every time you asks if he wants something. well last night everytime i asked if he wanted to go pee pee in the potty he said "alright". sure as shooting he peed in the potty 3 times. he refused to wear the one pair of underpants for boys that we own so he went commando under his pants. no accidents either.

I think i'm gonna be a bad momma and take a picture of him on the potty. can't wait to see his girlfriends reaction in 15+yrs. he he he.

*so tonight is the social and i need to go get my crap ready. I swear i need like a whole day to scrapbook. no interuptions, except maybe a friend or two and finger foods. Anyone want to join me???

*it's hard for me to believe that thanksgiving is this coming thursday. yikes a million i'm not ready. it's at our house which is nice but i need to go shopping.

*sorry this is short but i need to get lots done.

this picture is for me dad who says he only looks at this blog for pictures of the kids. this was taken may of 2005. wow look how small they are even the dog. time flies and luckily i have pictures of the kids from almost every single month. what changes. they are amazing, my babies.

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ma said...

AHHH Carrie, I love this picture, it pulls at my heart strings. I really love all my kids--big and small. Today has been very tiring, its been a long week full of alot of ups and downs.
It was so nice being able to see you all this morning--except Rob, who had already left for work. But I did call him this evening to see how he was, as I said I love all of my kids, and I want you all to know that. I have been thinking alot about Brian, and what could have happened to make him be the way he is- I am still prosecuting. But this has made me realize how very lucky I am to have the wonderful kids that I do and also to have the relationship that I do. Don't get me wrong we still are very much individuals with ideas of our own-which means at times we butt heads. And that is as it should be I do not believe in the cookie cutter idea.
So my chilren--know I love you, and know that I'm not perfect, and sometimes I make mistakes and there are sometimes misunderstandings--but you live in my heart, and are with me wherever I go.
For all that read this, I wish You all to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, for me I will be saying a special prayer--for all that I have and the hope that I continue to have grace.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone